GPU with graphics bugs, poor performance and hardware errors

gpu with graphics bugs, poor performance and hardware errors

Tom Henry

GPU with graphics bugs, poor performance and hardware errors

We have already spoken to you several times in the past about the GPUs from the Chinese company Moore Threads, mainly because of their poor performance compared to other solutions on the market. Which makes them a waste of resources and pretty paperweights. Well, his next invention is a revision of the MTT S80 with PCI Express 5.0. Will it be better than the previous version or is it a minor update?

When making a GPU, it is not enough to just make the chip and then mount it on a graphics card. One of the most important points are the drivers and having quality ones can mean that your desEsports Extrasis competent or not according to its technical specifications. The case at hand is the demonstration of what happens when you don’t do your homework and on top of that you try to deceive others with it.

The MTT S80, an unfinished graphics card

MTT S80 Graphics Card

The graphics card of the MTT S80 PCI Express 5.0 It’s the same poor performance, poor specs, and outdated architecture that we saw last year. The only difference is that its creators have put the PCIe Gen 5 label in order to fool the unwary and not be fooled by their 14 TFLOPS of power or their 16GB of GDDR6 memory, what is the central GPU of it is still a decade out of date at the architecture level. Since it doesn’t even support hardware programmable tessellation or vertex subdivision, it doesn’t really come close to having everything you need for a graphics card. DirectX 11.

This can be known through the benchmark of Street Fighter 6, which doesn’t even start due to the fact that the MTT S80 doesn’t even support DirectX 11. Well, in games like Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition, Rainbox Six Siege and Apex Legends serious graphic glitches can be seen.

MTT S80 Apex Legends

The festival of disasters does not end there, but HWInfo in its control panel flags a huge amount of errors and GPU-Z doesn’t even detect it. Which shows that it is an unfinished product and a huge lack of respect for the final consumer. Luckily, it’s only sold through a Chinese website, but if you ever come across one, just run away from it.

But what is really wrong with this graphics card?

MTT S80-1

Through a series of benchmarks that the people of PC Watch have done, we can understand what is happening, all of them are made with 3D Mark 2006, but it is important to know how to interpret the data correctly. In addition, we must start from the fact that the creation of a 3D scene follows an order where first the GPU works with vertices in 3D space to end up working with pixels in 2D space. So it is in the later stages of creating the frame where the volume of data increases and with it the need for computing will become higher.

As you can see, the performance against a GTX 1050 is very poor, but the problem comes from geometry. Any GPU work during the pre-raster or vertex-to-Esports Extras stage is fairly light. So it shouldn’t cost the MTT S80 to easily calculate those polygons on the screen. What’s more, Esports Extras and Vertex Shaders work under the same units and the former are a heavier computational weight. Of course, if the system calculates few polygons, then it will draw fewer pixels on the screen.

So it is possible that the Moore Threads engineers have made a competent GPU, but that has been hampered by the drivers. The visual problems and the fact that not even GPU-Z is able to detect it shows us that a product that has not been finished is being sold, with bad drivers and incapable of doing its job correctly. And it is that having a good graphic controller is crucial.

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