GrabShell, transformable keyboard that turns into a controller

Once we have our computer, the choice of peripherals is essential, since we are going to be using them in our day to day. Here we have to decide on a keyboard and mouse and if we play occasionally a console controller is recommended. Generally, each of these peripherals fulfills its function separately, but now we have a keyboard that wants to do the same as a mouse and a controller. Under the name of GrabShellthe company presents us with a transformable mechanical keyboard which can be used as command and has a joystick and trackball.

Mechanical keyboards as a general rule are all very similar, where the biggest difference is seen in the format and type of switches. While most players opt for a full size keyboard, we begin to see how other formats are becoming more popular. Thus, we see that there are many models of TKL keyboards who have had their numeric keypad or keypads removed 75%, which as its name indicates have a size 25% smaller than the standard. From here we already see other formats such as 65% and the 60%. But if we want to go to something more different, we find keyboards that separate in two for greater ergonomics in writing.

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This is GrabShell, a mechanical keyboard equipped with a joystick and trackball

All the mechanical keyboards we’ve seen so far were focused on using it at the table, as we all think is ideal. However, dotBravo Corporation thinks that this has already been seen and it is necessary to innovate. To do this, they show their GrabShella portable mechanical keyboard it can connect by cable or wireless where its main difference with the rest is that it can be used as a controller.

As you can see in the demo video, this keyboard is not used on the table at any time. In fact, it is equipped with a joystick and trackball, allowing us to have that control that controller gamers (and old PC vets) will remember. Although to tell the truth and in the short demonstration that they show us, it seems that it will not be a very ergonomic device.

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Can be used folded as a controller or unfolded as a tabletop keyboard

The company itself admits it, they have created the “world’s rarest transformable keyboard”, because we are facing an idea that did not seem to work. In the concept images we can see how the keyboard is fully deployed. Here we see that it is divided into a central area and two “wings” where it includes the keys that were on the back when it was in command mode. Logically in the deployed position we can no longer consider using it that way, so in that way lor ideally it should be on a table. Regarding its dimensions, when we have it in unfolded mode, it reaches 490mm length x 240mm width and 40mm height.

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By folding and combining it in controller mode, we have a height of 90mm at highest point, 220mm long and 160mm wide. Now leaving behind how functional it is and seeing what uses we can give it to justify its purchase, we are going to move on to a highly controversial aspect such as its high price. And it is that, the GrabShell keyboard from dotBravo Corporation is priced at $399 excluding shipping costs. Although if you are one of those who really want this keyboard is available for a limited time at a price of 299 dollars (shipping costs included) and leaves today, February 22.