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Gran Turismo 7: Latest update makes legendary cars more expensive

The Gran Turismo 7 community is rumbling again. Here’s why: With the latest update, Polyphony Digital has increased the prices of some of the rarest and most expensive vehicles in the racing game even further.


A little background: At launch, it was announced that Sony was working with insurance company Hagerty to adjust the in-game prices of the legendary vehicles based on their real-world value.

Rising prices in GT7

With the new update to version 1.15 for Gran Turismo 7, appropriate adjustments have now been made.

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The patch notes only say: “In the Hagerty collection, the prices have been adjusted under the guidance of Hagerty according to the real prices. Hagerty is an American company that offers car insurance and appraisals for classic vehicles and in recent years already many historic ones sponsored car events. The new prices will apply at the next range update. The next price adjustment is scheduled for August 2022.”

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More news about Gran Turismo 7:

GTPlanet is in the process of analyzing the matter more closely. So far it has been found that the prices of 27 vehicles have increased or are increasing. 21 prices remain the same, the value only drops for two cars.


And these are no small adjustments. For example, the price of the Ferrari F40 has nearly doubled from 1.35 million credits to 2.6 million credits.

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After the criticism of the launch of Gran Turismo 7, including a server downtime of more than 24 hours and low credit rewards, this is another point that bothers the community.

How and whether Sony or Polyphony Digital will react to this remains to be seen.

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