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Gran Turismo 7 now has the lowest Metacritic score Sony has ever seen for a PlayStation game

Gran Turismo 7 currently has the lowest Metacritic user rating Sony has ever seen for a PlayStation game. Polyphony Digital’s latest installment on PS4 and PS5 has rave reviews for its servers and microtransactions.


Grand Touring 7 Right now it has the lowest Metacritic score Sony PlayStation has ever seen for a game available on PS4 and/or PS5..

Thanks to what we read from, the new installment of the Polyphony Digital saga is not going through a good time between users. In fact, his reviews in numbers have put the game as worst rated for PS4 and PS5 on Metacritic.

As such, GT7 has the dubious honor (if you can call it that) of reaching the worst user rating on Metacritic for a game by PlayStation Studios, Sony Interactive EntertainmentSCEA, SCEE or SCEJ refers.


And all this has an important reason, Gran Turismo 7 was down for 24 hours on March 17. The game’s servers went black due to scheduled maintenance that lasted an entire day.

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This was caused by patch 1.07 of the game, which although it was aimed at those who stream the game it seems that not even being disconnected from the internet could play.


Polyphony Digital then released Gran Turismo 7 patch 1.08, solving this mess. But it gave rise to harsh criticism in RRSS and platforms like Metacritic.

At that time the score by users had dropped to 4.1 very sad. But beyond these spirits calmed down, this note has gone downhill and without brakes.

Because the 24-hour maintenance has not been the only grace of the Gran Turismo 7 patch 1.07. It is now more difficult for players to be able to unlock cars without resorting to microtransactions.


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Right now the “user score” of the game on Metacritic is a 2.2 with 4600 reviews. A huge contrast to the overall critics’ score, which averages an 87.

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No content. Forced micropayments. fixed roulette cards. Race rewards are a joke. Car prices are inflated. Ridiculous tire models. Some background graphics are taken from PS3 (or PS2)“Wrote a rather dissatisfied player.


Now we know why this game always has to be online!said another.The players cheat us. The highlight is Kazunori Yamauchi’s arrogant attempt to justify the exorbitant car credits.

I play video games because dreams come true. PS/Sony are destroying those dreams with their always online shit“.

As they also say from VGC, this means that Gran Turismo 7’s user rating has dropped below that of World of Warriors.


This PS4 game was until now the unfortunate best of the worst games on playstation. Users had given it a 2.9 on Metacritic, being the 2nd worst NBA 10 The Inside with a 3.0 on PSP.

And all this that we tell you comes from the PS5 version, although the PS4 version is not too free either. His user score is currently at 3.1 with 338 reviews, which leaves him somewhat better.


In our analysis of Gran Turismo 7, we told you: “Polyphony Digital has gone back to the roots with a driving simulator that, while being the same as ever, feels like never before, thanks to its unique artistic and pedagogical approach.

It has the occasional balance problem, but, both on the asphalt and beyond it, it is a worthy successor to the twenty-five-year legacy of a historical saga“.