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Gran Turismo 7 players use a trick to earn money without playing in protest

The gaming community of Grand Touring 7 is not happy with the recent changes introduced by Polyphony Digital: this week have reduced the rewards of some circuits in the game, making it more difficult to buy certain vehicles in what Kazunori Yamauchi, the main person in charge of the game, has described as an attempt to make the acquisition of high-end vehicles more realistic by matching their price with that of the real world. In response to this decision, in addition to downvoting the game on Metacritic to the lowest rated Sony release on the web, one user has created a trick to get money without playing in the form of protest.

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As this person recounted in a thread on the PSN Profiles forum, the reduction in rewards from Grand Touring 7 has led him to create a exploit that allows you to get money without even having to play the game. This is possible thanks to Remote Play from ps4a feature that allows us to play any console game on our computer: once on PC, a series of predefined commands which simulates the movements required to run over and over again in the game without even having to touch the controllers. You can see a demonstration video below:


Up to 625,000 credits per hour without touching the controller

The exploit has been updated a couple of times since it was recently released: its more polished version is capable of making us get 625,000 credits per houraccording to the author, and while the game is running we don’t even have to have the window open, we just let the script repeat the same pattern of commands over and over again in Gran Turismo 7. Taking into account the current prices of the virtual currency of the game, to get the same number of credits by paying real money it would cost us more than 15 per hour.

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This method has been created as a protest against the changes in the rewards of Grand Touring 7a modification that causes having to repeat the same circuits over and over again to farm credits if we want to get the most expensive cars. From Polyphony Digital they have tried to explain that the new installment of Grand Touring It is a long-term project and plan to launch new ways to get more credits without having to resort to micropayments, although while these alternatives arrive, users are choosing to use this trick that, for the moment, has not been blocked by Sony.

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Grand Touring 7 It is available on PS5 and PS4. You can read our analysis at this link.