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Gran Turismo movie actor compares it to Top Gun Maverick

gran turismo movie actor compares it to top gun maverick

The Gran Turismo movie, based on the PlayStation game of the same name, follows the true story of Jann Mardenborough, played by Archie Madekwe, a teenage gamer who ended up becoming a professional racing driver, and David Harbor as Jann’s trainer. .

Total Film compares Gran Turismo to Top Gun Maverick, with director Neill Blomkamp saying that a visual effects-heavy approach would not have been suitable for this film. “Fittingly, Archie is in the car, super uncomfortable, high G, nauseous, going 125 mph… So it’s a fair comparison. I dont know how it is [el director de Maverick] Joseph Kosinski, but I’m sure he wanted the same thing. We just need to make him feel real.”


David Harbor also gets excited when mentioning Maverick. “I certainly hope we do as well as Top Gun: Maverick,” he laughs. “But I made that comparison myself. I think there’s something of a retro quality to the pacing of that movie, and to what that movie is doing, and to us as well. I feel like we’re very related to that and we’re in the same family as them.”

Gran Turismo will be released on August 11.