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Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising: Arc System Works has announced Anila and new mechanics

Arc System Works has announced, during the CyGames Cup Special 2023 event, Anila will be one of the new characters of Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising. However, the Japanese developer did not reveal how Anila will fight in Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising. However, ARc SystemWorks did comment on some of the new mechanics that will arrive with the release of Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising.

The trailer does not reveal how Anila will fight in Granblue Fantasy Versus Risingbut Arc System Works commented that on Saturday March 4 we will see a new trailer for the game.

During the presentation, Tetsuya Fukuhara -the game director- mentioned that Anila is a character “easy to learn to use, but difficult to master”. Furthermore, he added that while this may make her sound like she’s a staple character like Gran, she actually has a lot of moves to penetrate the opponent’s defense.

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official trailer of Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising.
Anila’s art in Granblue Fantasy.

In Granblue Fantasy, the game that inspires this fighting game, Anila is a character that is full of movements that make direct reference to fighting games. In Granblue Fantasy, Anila possesses a finishing move that resembles Terry Bogard’s iconic Buster Wolf. So he will be a character that immediately connects with the community.

What are the new mechanics of Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising?

Arc System Works has revealed three of the six new mechanics coming to Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising.

The first new mechanic you will have Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising It’s the triple attacks. These consist of pressing consecutively —as in autocombos— the low (△) or high (O) blows, with the small difference that the last attack will be able to pass through the enemy’s guard. This in case our rival does not cover up or down.

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Example of how triple attacks work, new mechanic of Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising.

The second new mechanic introduced by Arc System Works is the dash attack. Thanks to this new mechanic that will arrive when it is released Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising ,characters will have a new attack when they run (dash) and press each of the weak (□), medium (△) or strong (O) buttons.

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Examples: Weak (Charlotta), Medium (Lowain), and Strong (Lancelot).

Results of the tournament Granblue Fantasy Versus in CyGames Cup Special 2023

During CyGames Cup Special 2023, a tournament of Granblue Fantasy Versus, which brought together the best players in the world. After intense battles Tororo using Percival was crowned champion The file of the top 8 of the tournament is found below the results.


tournament results of Granblue Fantasy Versus in CyGames Cup Special 2023:

1. Bull (Percival)
2. Gamera (Djeeta, Katalina, Zooey, Yuel)
3. Osakana-san (Beelzebub, Belial, Anre)
4. Hinoki no Bou (Narmaya, Cagliostro)
5. Tako (Belial)
5. Waffle (Charlotta)
7.PGW|Ren (Seox, Avatar Belial)
7.Takashi (Djeeta)

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Source: YouTube channel of Granblue Fantasy Versus