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Grand Theft Auto 5 on Prime Gaming


GTA V x Prime Gaming give you the best loot and reward which every player wants.

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Image Credit : Prime Gaming

One of the best and popular Role Play Game GTA 5 is now finally on the Amazon Prime Gaming Platform. The players can redeem awards bonuses and discounts. This is the best chance for Prime Users to claim GTA 5 and enjoy the online gaming world. The players can get ultimates Vehicles, Various properties, big discounts, and not only a few things rather get completely free. This is the best time when Rockstar Games Social club and Prime Gaming collab with each other and if we talk about the past this job can do by twitch. Prime gaming gives ultimate loot to the player include amazing money up to $100,000 but this is only for online GTA V prime Users.

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What is Prime Gaming?

Prime gaming is one of the best gaming platforms introduce by Amazon. The users can link their gaming account with an Amazon Prime gaming account and enjoy the items. Prime gaming is a platform where users buy subscriptions and enjoy free games. Prime Gaming included with Amazon Prime and Offers in-game content for your favorite games, free games to download, and a free monthly channel subscription Prime Gaming Include some benefits e.g:

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  1. User can Earn Badges
  2. Get access to in-game loot no additional cost required.
  3. Turbo Members
  4. Set chat colors
  5. Chat badges
  6. Broadcast storage

How to Get GTA 5 Online Gaming Benefits?

gta v, Gta V, GTA 5, GTA on prime gaming, Gangster game, shooting game, social club
Image Credit: GTA 5

To take the advantage of Prime Gaming Benefits, all the users must have to sEsports Extrasup in the Amazon Prime Gaming and then also have a Rockstar Social Club account. Both are log in a proper way then the user needs to login into Rockstar Social Club account to your Amazon Prime Gaming Account to receive your ultimate loot and reward. And when the process begins there is the popup button you just hit on it on the Prime gaming Account site all the rewards and loot send to your account. You can claim the benefits by just click on this link below:

Activate my GTA 5 online gaming loots and rewards.

The previous Prime Gaming loots are as following  :

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  • Bonus GTA$1,250,000 (expired July 2019)
  • Free Casino Master Penthouse (expired October 2019)
  • Free Lago Zancudo Bunker (expired December 2019)
  • Free Fort Zancudo Hangar 3499 (expired December 2019) 
  • Bonus GTA$1,000,000 (expired July 2020)
  • Free Pixel Pete’s Arcade property (expired July 2020)

GTA V is a world-leading and daily routine playing game. Many Players enjoy this game during playing. It consists of almost 5 parts with different chapters and stories. You can enjoy the gangster life in this particular game. Now Comment us if you already avail this offer or which GTA series you like the most!!

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