Grand Theft Auto V already has ray tracing on next-gen consoles

Despite the fact that it came out almost 10 years ago for Xbox 360 and PS3, Grand Theft Auto V continues to fight and does not stop adding new content to its online side, but it also takes care of the original single player experience, and the latest patch makes Los Santos is much prettier.

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Rockstar announced last week the update 1.64, which finally adds (as it was one of the pending accounts since it was announced in February) ray-traced reflections to fidelity mode on Xbox Series X and PS5. This means you can now enjoy realistic looking reflections off mirrors, water and other smooth surfaces, but only while playing at 30 images per second.

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The newly released patch also adds a ton of new content to GTA: Online, which is constantly evolving. You can check all the news and changes of the latest patch on the official Rockstar support website, here.

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Grand Theft Auto V