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greedy people sell beta keys for a game on the

Mortal Kombat is a famous game series that has even been made into a movie. The latest part will be released on September 19, 2023 for PC, Xbox and PS5. A free test phase is currently running and some are trying to sell their beta keys.

The free stress test of Mortal Kombat 1 is currently running. Mortal Kombat 1 is supposed to be a kind of reboot of the popular series. The purpose of the stress test is to put pressure on the server of the developer NetherRealm and to test whether there are any problems. This is similar to Diablo 4’s server slam.

As this is a private test, only selected players can participate. Some gamers are now using this to sell their beta keys at high prices. Because the keys are sent by e-mail and can then be redeemed.

And some players are quite willing to spend a lot of money for a key. This is reported by colleagues from Eurogamer, for example.

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Beta keys are sold on eBay for 200 euros

You can currently find dozens of Mortal Kombat 1 beta keys on eBay and other platforms. The prices for bids start at around 30 euros, with a current key an action has already reached the price of 227 dollars (around 200 euros). For security reasons, we do not link the offers on eBay directly to you.

mortal kombat key ebay
This is what an eBay listing looks like.

What’s the problem with the keys? According to the developer, it is only a code for the beta. After the beta has expired, you have to buy the game on Steam or the console for 70 euros.

The code will only allow you to play the beta until Monday 26th June 2023. This is another reason why you should keep your hands off these codes: You would pay 90 euros for a few hours, not counting the download time of the game.

And theoretically you can also test the game “for free” when it is released in September. Because you can have games with less than 2 hours of play time and a maximum of 2 weeks after purchase refunded via Steam.

Also, why is it dangerous? TheGamer magazine reports that some sellers are trying to direct potential buyers to Discord in the product description to process the sale of the key there. This should be a red flag because this is how the sellers are trying to scam the customers. This is where you fall for a nasty scam.

There are always people like that who try to sell you rare things for a lot of money. During Corona, scalpers traded graphics cards and PS5 consoles and sold them for a lot of money. But the scalper’s wedding is now over and many can’t get rid of the consoles they bought:

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