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Greyhill Incident, the horror game with aliens, arrives on June 9 on PlayStation and PC

Refugiium Games and Perp Games have announced that Greyhill Incidenta peculiar survival horror inspired by the movies of alien invasions (in the style signsFor example), already has a release date: be available from July 9 on PS5, PS4 and PC. In addition to digital, the console version will have a physical edition that will include additional content.

The release date of Greyhill Incident has been advertised with a new trailer which you can see below:

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Content of the physical edition of Greyhill Incident

Those who acquire the Abducted Edition of Greyhill Incidentthe physical edition for PS5 and PS4, will receive the game along with the following bonus content:

  • Newspaper clipping with the news of the invasion.
  • Manual to make your own aluminum foil hat.
  • Digital soundtrack.
  • Wallpapers.

what’s up Greyhill Incident?

The playable core of Greyhill Incident will take us to investigate a typical community in the United States, hiding from the aliens while we find ammo to face them; along the way we will also find clues that will help us connect the invasion with the government in a conspiracy twist that ends up giving a special touch of originality to the project.

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Greyhill Incident It will be available on June 9 on PS5, PS4 and PC through Steam, where it can already be added to the wish list.

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