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GTA 5: a stunning new feature killed by the editor

gta 5: a stunning new feature killed by the editor

Recently, a great feature appeared in GTA 5. Unfortunately, Take-Two went to great lengths to remove it without even warning.


We do not touch Take-Two Interactive games and even less GTA 5, or even the Grand Theft Auto franchise as a whole. For years, the publisher has been at war with modders. Sometimes the publisher is content to invoke the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act), which is a law aimed at combating copyright infringement, and at other times, the company sends its lawyers. Either way, it’s always Take-Two who wins in the end. The witch hunt resumes and this time, the firm torpedoes a novelty that is nevertheless excellent on paper. A cancellation in the rules of the art: without giving any warning to its author.

A feature permanently removed from GTA 5

The American giant has just made a new show of force by attacking Bloc. A seasoned modder who has uploaded an ultra realistic and stunning GTA 5 mod. In it, the player can ask questions and have conversations with NPCs, thanks to the Inworld AI program, by being in the shoes of a cop. We can defuse situations, ask for information, etc. A great feature but not appreciated by Take-Two Interactive.

Its author reveals that the publisher blasted the video from his YouTube channel, had the mod removed from Nexus Mod, and suspended the modder’s Netlify account. This is where he housed the instruction guide for his creation. Yesterday Take-Two hit my channel with copyright infringement because of my GTA 5 mod video. YouTube took down the video instantly, without even giving me a chance to explain. The reason given for this deletion is that I used their software. Grand Theft Auto 5. No one contacted me or asked for anything. I contacted them as it may have been done automatically, although there is evidence to suggest there was a DMCA invocation.” he explained (via VGC).


For him, this excuse does not hold water and it is rather an attack on this mod. ” Unfortunately, this is more like an excuse to attack and take a stand against the mod. And that puzzles me given that it was free/open-source. It was free to play, and it didn’t use anything from GTA 5 that wasn’t licensed.”.

GTA 5 on PS5 (credits: PlayStation).

Take-Two should “rather make good remakes”

We will therefore have to give up on Sentient Streets, since Bloc has also removed it from the GTA 5 mods site as a preventive measure. In any case, he does not take off and struck a sliding tackle at Take-Two Interactive. “I hope everyone who liked this mod will know this memory of this dishonest action by Take-Two. Rather than chasing small mods, they should focus on creating good remakes with a better pricing policy, or stop removing cars from GTA 5 Online to resell them to people ». The passage on the remakes obviously referring to the Red Dead Redemption scandal.

To fight against mods, Take-Two Interactive recently made a huge acquisition that could revolutionize GTA 6. The publisher has indeed acquired, the team behind the biggest platforms for roleplaying and creating Esports Extrasntic mods. Professional hackers who cut their teeth on GTA 5 and Red Dead Redemption 2. A very smart purchase for once.