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GTA 6: a new image has been leaked?

In 2022 Rockstar Games suffered a strong leak of pre-alpha images and videos corresponding to GTA 6. Shortly after the parent company of Grand Theft Auto HE officially pronounced and in a matter of days the alleged culprit was captured by the authorities, a 17 year old. This, however, has only increased the public’s thirst for new information and images of the future. GTA 6.

A new image from said 2022 leak has stood out on “the information highway and conspiracy mysteries.” Although it is not new in the sense of the word, it is the first time that the public knows it. The alleged image of GTA 6 it was buried among many others and already eliminated captures of the great leak.


The picture of GTA 6 in question

GTA 6 image Vice City
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Based on the data previously revealed in the middle of last yearin the image we see one of the two protagonists of GTA 6. These would be a Bonnie and Clyde-style man and woman, controlled individually. In the image also appears a group of NPCs in a night scene reminiscent of warehouses and houses near the beach. Let us remember that everything indicates that a reformed Vice City would be the leading city in GTA 6.

Of course, not everyone is convinced that it is an official image. Even if it is an image in development, the technical section and the lighting look of good quality. Nor can we guarantee 100% that it is a real image of GTA 6, but to believe or not depends on each one. If the image is part of Rockstar Games’ pre-alpha content, we can expect an even better result in the final version of the game.

In terms of night scenes, a very important part of Vice City, red dead redemption 2 is the latest display of the studio’s technical achievement. In an urban environment similar to that of Miami, we know that lighting is one of the determining factors to appeal to the city realism of GTA 6.

When does it come out GTA 6?

It is not yet known when it will come out GTA 6. Grand Theft Auto VI either GTA 6 It has not been officially announced by Rockstar Games nor is there a single trailer. If you see one that claims to be on YouTube or TikTok –made in Unreal Engine–, we can assure you that it is false. We will keep reporting, of course.


Source: Reddit

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