GTA 6: Hacker leaks gameplay and blackmails Rockstar Games

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A new leak gives “GTA” fans reason to hope and speculation. While gamers continue to receive official news from the site Rockstar Games waiting, numerous videos recently leaked through that from the development phase of GTA 6 should come from.

Rockstar Games and take two are known to keep a low profile, what the Development status of GTA 6 regards. Accordingly great was the joy about a Statement by CEO Strauss Zelnickwho confirmed that himself “The Development of the Next Part of the Grant Theft Auto Series” was in full swing.

Leak shows 90 videos from test build of GTA 6

While game developers like to hide behind guesswork and with it the rumor mill to fuel their games, hackers like to do everything possible to discover the smallest crumb and spread it on the Internet. This shows a leak from the previously unknown hacker teapotuberhacker all in all 90 short videos from Rockstar’s forthcoming open-world title.

The recordings show, among other things the female game character Lucia, the under hostage robbing a diner and then flees in a police car. In another scene you can find him Game character in a nightclub again.

Hacker blackmails Rockstar Games

Next to the published zip file the hacker announced that the Possibility of further leaks would exist if Rockstar Games did not contact him. According to teapotuberhacker internal documents such as contracts and invoices.

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“I practically own the entire Rockstar server” – teapotuberhacker

Apparently the hacker doesn’t care about any legal consequences. While Rockstar Games will now have all hands on it, the stop the leak and the person behind trace teapotuberhackerwill probably respond to the blackmailer juicy criminal case get.

Is the leaked material real?

Although that leaked material quite credible looks, doubts about the authenticity were voiced. As Industry insider Jason Schreier now announced via Twitter, some sources from Rockstar Games have confirmed that this is the case actually real scenes from the upcoming “GTA 6”.

“Of course, the footage is early and unfinished. This is one of the biggest leaks in video game history and a nightmare for Rockstar Games.” judges Schreier.

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Rockstar Games bans hackers

Meanwhile, teapotuberhacker has its threats actually carried out and more details leaked. underneath Source codes and a list of weapons available in GTA 6. Rockstar also reacts and draws consequences. As the hacker says, you have him banned on Discord and his too Social Club Account Banned.

When will GTA 6 appear?

It remains to be seen how Rockstar Games will continue to act regarding this massive leak and when the developers will tell the fans finally official material in the form of trailers or screenshots.

At least the leaked content gives an indication of the current one Development status of the game. Accordingly, we can probably assume that GTA 6 probably not before 2025 will appear. So for “GTA” players it’s time to continue to wait and be patient.


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