GTA 6, massive content leak: weapons, characters and maps

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gta 6, massive content leak: weapons, characters and maps

We’ve been hearing things about Grand Theft Auto VI for years and we even saw a leak that showed us gameplay in the preliminary development phase. Even though it’s been 10 years since GTA 5 was released, it seems like Rockstar needs even more time to finish its latest and greatest installment. GTA 6 promises to be enormous and to give us an idea, a 60-page document has been created, the increased content leak that we know, both weapons, vehicles or characters.

Rockstar Games has been creating games in the Grand Theft Auto franchise for more than 2 decades, although its first step to fame was actually with GTA III. This game, which was released on PS2 and PC, was the first to use 3D graphics and a huge leap in quality and complexity compared to the first two games. This is where we can say that GTA achieved the formula for success that he has been perfecting over time.

GTA 6 content leak shows a total of 16 weapons

GTA 6 Weapons

After going through successes like Vice City, San Andreas, GTA 4 and of course, GTA 5, it’s time to talk about the next game in the saga. GTA 6 may not have officially revealed anything and we don’t even have a trailer, but the community has managed to create a document with everything that is known due to the leaks. We thus have nothing less than 60 pages of contentincluding weapons, characters, locations, vehicles and details of all kinds.

Depending on what we are looking for, we will find a lot or little information about it. picking out weapons For example, we see that they have been discovered a total of 16, a number that will likely expand with the release of the final game. Although there are many weapons that we had already seen in other Grand Theft Auto games, it catches our attention that there is a harpoonwhich may suggest underwater clashes.

GTA 6 will have dozens of vehicles and locations such as Vice City and Port Gellhorn

GTA 6 Vehicles

On the other hand, we have a large list of vehicles, although the images and models shown are really from GTA V. Going down a little further if we find new cars like the Cadillac *text muted*le D’Elegance and very curious things like a Hovercraft. It has also been discovered that there will be vehicles to drive on sand, given that there is an event that takes place in an area of ​​that type. Regarding the characters, we know that we have Lucy as the female lead, while Jason does his part as the male lead. Other confirmed would be Dre, SamTit and Wyman, although there are more than a dozen names leaked, no details are known about them.

Regarding the locations and areas of the game, we will have two main ones. Vice City based in Miami and Port Gellhorn, inspired by Panama. About Vice City we already have an idea of ​​what it is like from the old game in the franchise, although all parts of the coastal city are detailed here. About Gellhorn more of the same seeing that it has different parts such as sundown, La Perle, Red Hill or Lake Leonida. We also find other locations such as abandoned places, mountains and a underwater part with ruins.

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