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GTA 6 suffers an alleged leak: More than 90 videos and images published by a hacker

Virtually everything we know about GTA 6 is through leaks. Rockstar Games has barely confirmed for the moment that it is in development, but has not given any clues about its setting, plot, characters or estimated release date. The leaks, on the contrary, do point to a possible game set in Vice City and its surroundings, with a Latin woman as the co-star of a pair of robbers inspired by Bonnie and Clyde.

Now a new leak, which fits with what has been speculated so far, has appeared on the Internet revealing something that we had not yet seen: gameplay of GTA 6in some scenarios that belong to Florida. It is a huge leak with around 90 videos of the gameplay of the new game in the saga Grand Theft Auto. Its author claims to be a hacker, the same one that recently sneaked into the Uber servers accessing all the company’s information. We will then be talking about material stolen from Rockstar Gamesalthough the company has not yet ruled and the veracity of these videos is in question.


GTA: Americas‘ will be the codename of the new game

In any case, whether they are real or not, the only thing we can see in them are scenes of what appears to be a early version of development of the game, which according to the files attached by the hacker (who has also posted screenshots of the code) would be called Grand Theft Auto Americas‘ as codename. This could correspond to the original intentions of the developers: the Latest information leaked by journalist Jason Schreier spoke of the original project it was going to be Esports Extrasnticincluding cities in North America and South America, although the company finally decided to keep only Miami (Vice City).


As you have seen, this supposed build of GTA 6 would correspond to a 2019 version of the game from Rockstar Games (prior to the supposed production restart) which would also be running on a PS4 development kit. Even so, there are quite advanced aspects, such as a satire-laden conversation between NPCs, in the style of the saga. Only time will tell if this is a legitimate leak or if it is just a fakealthough we do not know exactly when we will be out of doubt: GTA 6 does not have a release date, despite sources claiming that we won’t see it until 2025.


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