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GTA 6: Teen ‘hacker’ accused of blackmailing Rockstar Games

gta 6: teen 'hacker' accused of blackmailing rockstar games

One of the most anticipated games from Rockstar Games is GTA 6. This has not only filled the internet with fake videos and trailers —others more likely–, but that the ‘hackers’ are on the attack. As reported by the Reuters agency, among them is a ‘hacker’ who sent a message to the entire Rockstar Games team through the Slack platform, in which he threatened to leak the source code of GTA 6.

The accused young man is called Arion Kurtaj, a member of the Lapsus$ group. Kurtaj faces 12 charges in total, including three counts for blackmail, two for fraud and six charges for computer misuse in the UK. In addition to Rockstar, the teen prodigy targeted companies like Revolut, Uber, Nvidia and blackmailed broadband provider BT Group, demanding $4 million. The defendant has been deemed mentally unfit to stand trial.

Last year Rockstar also suffered a security intrusion into their networks corporate, where unfinished ‘assets’ of GTA 6 They were released on social media. Although the company tried to remove the leaked material as quickly as possible, the damage had already been done. Uber revealed that it was working with the FBI and the United States Department of Justice to investigate its own security breaches, allegedly also committed by the culprit of the Rockstar blackmail.


It is up to a jury to determine if Kurtaj is responsible for the cybercrime. However, this will not define a verdict of guilty or not guilty.

Source: Reuters

Via: IGN