GTA 6 will have a smaller but denser game world than GTA 5, hopes ex-Rockstar developer

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gta 6 will have a smaller but denser game world

GTA 6 is most likely set in Vice City again, but what exactly is the map like?

There are endless rumors and speculations surrounding GTA 6. Thanks to a mammoth leak, a lot seems to be certain, but of course a lot can change. For example with regard to the open world map. If an ex-rock star developer has his way, it’s a little smaller than GTA 5, but it has more to offer and is more densely packed.

Hope for a game world that is more like the old GTAs

Ex-Rockstar Dev in an interview: In a conversation with PCGamesN, former Rockstar employee Tony Gowland (Red Dead Redemption, GTA Liberty City Stories, GTA Vice City Stories) explains what he hopes for the sequel. First and foremost, he speaks of a game world that could be closer to the older parts again:

“I think a smaller but more densely packed location would perhaps bring back a bit of that memorable navigation that I loved in the original.”

However, he only looked at the leaked material for GTA 6 very briefly and then stopped straight away. His condolences go out to the developers working on GTA 6 and whose unfinished work was published this way. Tony Gowland himself now prefers to wait for an official trailer.

GTA 6 - Video: Is Rockstar secretly building the

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This is what he says to Vice City: If GTA 6 really takes place again in Vice City, which is based on Miami, the ex-rock star developer will definitely be happy. This is, among other things, but not due to the 1980s vibe that this setting exudes:

“I think the city just works really well and is this perfect size for open world cities, which we’ve gone way beyond these days. You could just learn about everything by hand.

Honestly, I think I would still be able to find my way to a specific location in Vice City from memory if I were just thrown out at a random location in the city.”

Of course that doesn’t have to mean anything: Just because a former Rockstar developer wants something, it’s unlikely to happen in the studio’s next blockbuster. But the thought game is of course still exciting and something like that wouldn’t be unthinkable. With Assassin’s Creed Mirage, Ubisoft has also taken the path towards a more compact game and back to the roots of the series.

What do you want for the open world of GTA 6? Are you hoping for a larger playground or would you rather have one that’s more densely packed?

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