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GTA: Lucky guy wants 75,000 GTA dollars from the developers, gets 32 million

gta: lucky guy wants 75,000 gta dollars from the developers,

On Reddit, a GTA Online player reports that he received GTA$32 million from developer Rockstar Games, even though he asked for a lot less.

Why did the player want the GTA Dollars? On Reddit, a user named “Skraelos” reports that he received GTA$32,168,889 from the developer studio Rockstar Games in GTA Online.


The post states that he previously submitted a support request because he lost GTA$75,000. In the comments to the post, he states that his game crashed shortly after purchasing supplies for the bunker.

When he then logged back in, the in-game money was gone, but the supplies are said to have never arrived (via Reddit).

Skraelos attached a screenshot to the Reddit post showing the amount received.


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GTA player Skraelos claims on Reddit that Rockstar Games transferred him GTA$32 million.

How reliable the statements and the screenshot of the Reddit user are cannot be said at the current time.

What are other players saying? In the post’s comments, players celebrate the support agent responsible for the withdrawal and joke about what might have led to the payment.

  • lurizan4life: Bless the Rockstar support person who gave you $32 million.
  • r3ddog00: The guy probably quit that day and said fuck it.

Other users are also asking how Skraelos came up with the idea of ​​creating a Suopport ticket for GTA$75,000 since it’s such a small sum.

In total, the post garnered over 4,600 upvotes and 300 comments.

Is 32 million GTA dollars a lot? In the world of GTA Online, 32 million is neither particularly high nor particularly low. You can use the money to buy some vehicles or buildings that help earn money later in the game.

However, 32 million on the streets of Los Santos is more of a cash injection than unlimited wealth. A dozen sports cars or the most important buildings like an office, the bunker, the agency or the Kosatka and the money is gone in no time.


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