GTA Online: all bonuses and discounts until March 23, 2022

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The versions for PS5 and Xbox Series X/S of GTA Online are nothing and less from going on sale, in case you want to make your reservation in advance. In addition to adding novelties in the graphic section and in the gameplay, Rockstar has also wanted celebrate it in a special way.

That is why this time, instead of enabling bonuses and events that only last a week, you will have a period of time until March 23 to take advantage of all of them. But the best thing is that you take a look at the following guide in which we are going to talk about all this.

All bonuses and discounts until March 23, 2022

Podium Vehicle

Gta Online Ubermacht Zion Classic

The Wheel of Fortune casino at The Diamond Casino & Resort will be waiting for you to spin it and test your luck. Depending on what happens you will get money, clothes, snacks or even the podium vehicle: the Ubermacht Zion Classica German import vehicle.

Items to get for free

Gta Online Black Cap Sa

Good habits should never be lost, hence there are some items you can get for free. Specifically, a new car, a hat and a huge amount of money, as we have told you in this couple of guides:

Additional rewards and bonuses

Gta Online Air Racing

If at any time you are not sure how to hang out in Los Santos, there are several activities with which you will get more rewards and bonuses than normal. In some of them it will only be enough to participate in them, but sometimes it is also mandatory to fulfill the objective entrusted to you if you want to make the most of what they offer.

  • air races: Those who are not afraid of heights and participate in these races will get triple rewards, but you can also refresh your knowledge with these vehicles in the flight school to receive double dollars and reputation points.
  • Hunting Pack (Remix): an exciting race in which your opponents will try to hinder you while your teammates help you cross the finish line, a must if you want to earn double the rewards.
  • short trips: By helping Lamar get his legal marijuana sales business off the ground, you’ll earn double dollars every time you do one of these jobs.


Gta Online Nagasaki Ultralight

Nagasaki Ultralight

When you have some time, stop by Record A Studios, because their clothing and merchandising products will be reduced by 30%. The price of hangars and their improvements has also been reduced by 40%, but that’s not all, because there are a few vehicles that will be cheaper than usual and are all of the following:

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Bonuses with Prime Gaming

Finally, it is time to give a good cheer to all Prime Gaming subscribers who have linked their account with the Rockstar Games Social Club, because that will allow them to take home $100,000 just by connecting to the game at any time in the next few days.

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