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GTA Online: Are you affected by the PC hack and can’t play? Use this solution

The situation for PC players in GTA Online is difficult. Hackers can apparently ban accounts and make the online mode unplayable for you in other ways. We share a solution with you.


What are these hacks? In the last few days it has been revealed that not only can people use hack menus in GTA Online to spawn annoying content, but they can now break a lot more. Experts warn about logging into GTA Online. Videos of affected players are circulating who can no longer log into the online world after a hack. Others were probably even banned by this foreEsports Extrasinfluence.

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At least for the players who weren’t banned but still can’t log in, there is a solution.

Endless loading screen in GTA Online? solution found

What is the solution? on Twitter Rockstar Games expert TezFunz2 shares a solution for players affected by “Account Corruption” in GTA Online. So the players who are currently unable to log into online sessions (sometimes also story mode).

  • Delete your “Rockstar Games” folder, which you can find under “Documents” on your Windows PC
  • Now reload the game to update your profile data
GTA Online Corrupt Profile Solution
In the “Rockstar Games” folder you will find, among other things, profile data for GTA 5

This solution is not preventative and will not protect you from a hack. Anyone who has been banned should contact Rockstar Games Support directly and report the issue.

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“Account Corruption” allegedly removed by mod developer

This is the current status: on Twitter Screenshots of a mod developer who sees himself responsible for the problems are circulating. He writes that these “malicious features” were intended to increase the tool’s popularity in the modding community and that it sounded like a “good idea”. But he admits it was a mistake. He writes that he is releasing an open source tool that makes affected accounts playable again.

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There was an update for the mod menu that removed these malicious features.


What to do now? Furthermore, players advise against playing GTA Online now. It would still be “dangerous” and you could not be sure if your own account would not be attacked.

According to insiders, Rockstar Games already knows about the issue and is working on solutions. As soon as there is an official solution and playing is safe again, we will report about it here on MeinMMO.