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GTA Online has removed nearly 200 cars from dealerships to “tweak the game” – players are upset | Discover News

gta online has removed nearly 200 cars from dealerships to

With its big summer update, GTA 5 Online wanted to improve the gaming experience for you. It worked for some things. But the removal of almost 200 vehicles from the dealers’ offer is very upsetting to the players right now.

Why were cars removed? As an important part of the San Andreas Mercenaries update, the developers at Rockstar Games brought some game improvements to GTA Online. You can now request destroyed cars all at once from Mors Mutual Insurance, which pleases players.


When the update was released, the developers announced, “In return, many less-used vehicles were removed from the dealer websites in order to optimize the shopping experience”.

Now the gamers have investigated and found out how much of an impact this optimization of the shopping experience now has and which vehicles are affected.

Which cars are now no longer for sale?

That is known: Since the release of San Andreas Mercenaries, players have been collecting in the GTA forums which cars have disappeared from the various dealers. We’re bringing you the list here as of June 14th at 09:50 (via Currently, 189 vehicles have been noticed that are no longer offered for sale by dealers.


These vehicles are missing from San Andreas Supercars:

Peyote Gassers Zion Classic Cavalcade 2nd Gen
Nebula Turbo Issi sports Cavalcade
Vamos futo Rocoto
ruiner Romero Felon GT
prairie Michele GT felon
Fagaloa Hermes Oracle
recurrence Tornado Rat Rod Wolfsbane
Massacro Racecar Jester race car Esskey
Pigalle blades Avarus
Picador F620 zombie bobber
Fusilade penumbra Demon (Bikers)
sentinels Rat loader Rat bike
Schwartzer Zion convertible excavator
Zion gauntlet Faggio mod
Vigero issi Fagio Sport
Seminole Frontier Dynasty cliffhanger
tulip BeeJay XL Enduro
Q2 Serrano Nemesis
habanero Cheburek hakuchou
fighter Franconian rod innovation
jackal Oracle Xs sovereign
shepherd surge Hot rod blazer
Warrener Regina Battery 801RR
Buffalo Buffalo S ruffian
tailgaters Asea Vader
granger Rancher XL blazer
ingot intruders PCJ 600
minivan premier Sanchez (Both Versions)
radius Stanier Faggio
stratum Washington akuma
asterope fugitive Double T
dilettante Hellion witcher
Riata Seminoles baller
Kalahari Rebel (Clean) Gresley
Sanking SWB Bodhi country stalker
dune buggy rebel contenders
injection bison patriot
Landstalker XL

These vehicles are missing from Legendary Motorsport:

Tigon Imorgon Zorruso
Locust Neo Paragon R
S80RR deviant Stafford
swingers Comet SR hustlers
190T GT500 Viseris
Savestra SC1 Cyclones
Rapid GT Classic XA-21 torero
Ruston GP1 raptors
Lynx ETR1 tyre
RE-7B Seven-70 811
loser brawlers Coquette BlackFin
Stirling GT Furore GT jester
alpha Z type Stinger GT
stingers JB700 cheetah
Entity XF Cognoscenti convertible coquette
felter inferno 9F convertible
9F comet Vacca
bullet Carbonizzare voltics
Rapid GT Convertible Rapid GT Surrano
Stafford revolter raiding
XLS (both versions) Roosevelt Valor Roosevelt
Cognoscenti 55 (both versions) Cognoscenti (both versions) Baller LE (both versions)
Schafer LWB (both versions) copy Super Diamond
Thrust (motorcycle)

What has been removed from Warstock Cache&Carry?

  • verus
  • squaddie
  • life guard
  • Blazer Lifeguard
  • mesa
  • liberator

What was removed from Benny’s?

How can you still get the vehicles?

It goes in these ways: While the above vehicles can no longer be found on dealer websites, they have not completely disappeared from the game. As Rockstar Games explains, there are other ways to keep getting them:

“These vehicles are occasionally made available in other ways, such as the Wheel of Fortune at the Diamond Casino & Resort.”

You can also find the Stirling GT and the RE-7B in the new Vinewood Car Club, which you can only access if you are a customer of the GTA+ subscription service.


How are the players reacting?

This is what the community writes: The changes are badly received by the players. In the comments, players share that the developers made the update one of the worst updates to the game with these changes alone.

User Bill_From_RDR2 writes (via Reddit): “This update has to be the worst. It added a few contact missions and didn’t make any noticeable positive changes. But at the same time removes some of the most popular vehicles in the game [von den Händler-Shops]. We should force Rockstar to undo this.”

In another thread on Reddit, players share ideas on how to improve the shopping experience without removing the vehicles. “They should add shops for different types of vehicles. Kind of like ‘San Andreas Consumer Autos’, ‘West Coast Offroad Vehicles’ etc.” writes Jessez_FIN.


These ideas are well received. In the comments, one often reads that a few more sorting functions at the merchants would be enough improvement to offer a good shopping experience. Players do not want to tolerate the fact that all these vehicles were removed from the dealers’ websites instead.

What do you think of the changes in GTA Online? Do you miss the cars or don’t care that they were removed?

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