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GTA Online: How to unlock the new weapon M16 – Map with Crime Scenes

For the new summer update for GTA Online, Rockstar has brought two new weapons into play. One of them sends you on a scavenger hunt across Los Santos. You can find out how to get the weapon and what you have to do for it here.


What weapons are new? With the new summer update of GTA Online not only new cars and improvements for the weapon wheel came into play, but also two new weapons. These are the following:

  • Sniper Rifle – Cost: $427,500
  • Service Carbine (M16) – Cannot be purchased

While the new Sniper can be purchased right from any Ammu-Nation shop, many players are wondering how to get their hands on the new M16 Assault Rifle. MeinMMO therefore shows you what you have to do for it.

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If you don’t know what to expect at the summer event, we have the right trailer for you:

GTA Online – Trailer for the new update “The Criminal Enterprises”

So you unlock the M16 – Map with locations

To unlock the M16, you need to visit Crime Scenes. Just like Solomon’s film props, these are randomly generated at various locations and linked to events.


So you have to go to the advertised locations and hope that an event takes place. In these events you will find weapon parts that you need to build the weapon. These are marked with a blue dot in your area.

Twitter user WildBrick142 made you a map with all the possible locations to search in.

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How many weapon parts are there? In total, you have to visit five weapon parts in order to be able to hold the weapon in your hands. This includes:

  • run
  • magazine
  • visor
  • scope
  • closure

Once you have collected all of the weapon parts listed, you will automatically unlock the weapon.

Do you need some money for new upgrades? Then we have the right guide for you:

What is the best way to get to these places? The Oppressor MK2 is worthwhile for finding all the necessary locations quickly and easily. With it you are not tied to the road and can easily cross any terrain.


Why aren’t any events starting for me? Since the quest is fresh and players aren’t sure yet if the scavenger hunt is related to the IAA’s new quest, it might be because you need to complete that first.

So first finish the new quest of the IAA and only then look for the weapon parts. This way you can make sure that it’s not because of the quest, but because of your luck.


What do you think of the M16? Do you already have it and if so, how do you like the new rifle? Also, let us know what you think of the Summer Update in general in the comments. Visit Esports Extras for more videos