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GTA Online is updated with new vehicles, bonuses for taxi drivers, discounts and more

gta onlinethe multiplayer mode of Grand Theft Auto V, you have already received your weekly update with news, bonuses, advantages, discounts and new vehicles. Rockstar Games has confirmed in its Newswire the details of this update, which highlights the addition of a new vehicle, the Weeny Issi Rallyand multipliers and gifts from newly arrived taxi driver missions.

For example, just by owning a cab we’re going to get the Downtown Cab Co. peak lapel shirt for free, and just for completing a taxi driver job we’ll get 100,000 GTA$. Also, if we win GTA$20,000 in any taxi job, we will automatically get an additional GTA$100,000 reward. And if we win GTA$40,000 on these jobs, we will receive an additional bonus of GTA$100,000, free mustard vinyl jacket and vest.

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The players of gta online in PS5 and Xbox Series X/S get special perks like the chance to get free Geometric Manor Sweatpants for winning GTA$20,000 in Taxi Driver Jobs and the Geometric Manor Cap and Hoodie for winning GTA$40,000 in Taxi Driver Jobs.

Bonuses, vehicles, discounts and advantages

there are others bonuses available this week in GTA Online, specifically in the following modes:

  • Double GTA$, RP & Arena Points in Arena War Series
  • Double GTA$ & RP in Motor Wars
  • Double GTA$ on Taxi Job Tips & Additional Taxi Bonuses

As usual, the vehicle selection It has also been renewed this week. You can see the new additions below:

  • New vehicle: the Weeny Issi Rally available until February 1
  • HSW test car: the Weeny Issi Rally
  • This week the HSW time trial is between Ron Alternates and Elysian Island
  • This week at Simeon’s Premium Luxury Car Dealership: the Pegassi Zentorno, Benefactor Schlagen GT, Declasse Vamos, Schyster Deviant, and Declasse Impaler
  • On display at the Luxury Autos Showroom: the new Weeny Issi Rally and the Principe Deveste Eight
  • LS Car Meet Test Vehicles: Obey Tailgater S, Annis Remus, and Grotti Itali GTO
  • LS Car Meet Prize Vehicle: The Ocelot Pariah

And besides, these are the weekly discounts of gta online:

  • This week in the Mobile Arsenal: Electromagnetic Rifle, Rotary Machine Gun, Army Rifle (40% off), Sniper Rifle, Combat Pistol, Baseball Bat, Knife, 55% off (75% for GTA+ members) at Molotov cocktails, sticky bombs, grenades, and body armor
  • 40% discount on the arena workshop and all its improvements and modifications
  • 30% on vehicle upgrades in the arena workshop
  • Vehicle discounts: 40% on the Pegassi Zentorno, 30% on the Grotti Itali GTO and Principe Deveste Eight
new vehicles

Finally, we remind you that the GTA+ recurring perks (Free Vapid Taxi, Double GTA$ Taxi Jobs, Free Acid Lab Equipment Upgrade, Lunar New Year Gifts: Year of the Yeti Rabbit T-shirt and Noh Painted Rabbit Mask, Free Drinks at all bars and clubs, among other things) and those of Prime Gaming (Sprunk Snowflakes Festive Sweater, GTA$125,000 and the Sunset Painted Rabbit Skin to play anytime this week.)

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