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GTA Online: Take on your rivals in all-new Deathmatches with dynamic arsenals

Today Rockstar Games revealed this week’s new content for GTA Online. Below you can find out all the details:

Take on your rivals in new Deathmatches with dynamic loadouts


This week, enjoy the quintessential holiday on short trips, collect exclusive clothing and paraphernalia, and much more.

The competitive chaos in Los Santos intensifies this week as two new deathmatches they test the skills of the players with changing weapons. In addition, locals celebrate April 20 (World Marijuana Day) while dealers can earn bonuses at weed farms. As if that were not enough, complete short trips grants double rewards, there is a selection of new activities from the community series and much more.


fatal barter

Enjoy fatal barter, a free-for-all deathmatch where every time you kill an opponent or respawn, you’re given a different random weapon. Melee weapons (including fists) deal one-hit kills, so going into punches could be a good strategy in a pinch.



We introduce you: outstanding, a team deathmatch in which you will have a unique arsenal (and different icons on the radar) depending on whether your team is ahead, behind or tied. Try not to go behind all the time.

The two new Deathmatches offer the triple GTA$ & RP all week long.



This week, stoners are partying as the churro craze reaches its peak in Los Santos. Live an out-of-body experience on short trips short tripsaccumulate product on your weed farm and get special accessories and other types of paraphernalia.

Double GTA$ & RP on Short Trips


Smoke a churro in the back room of Record A Studios and embark on the short trips like Franklin and Lamar to win the Double GTA$ & RP.

Weed Farm Bonuses

Professional growers and sellers will be able to take advantage of the double production speed in weed farms and the double supplies to complete biker refueling missions so as not to run out of stock.


Those who want to join the churro fever can purchase weed farms along with their upgrades (like equipment, staff, and security) for the biker business, as everything costs 30% less thanks to the April 20 holiday.

Exclusive clothing and accessories

Assemble a Heart-Stopping Outfit: Simply complete any of this week’s objectives to earn exclusive clothing and accessories to boost your Stalker cred, including a selection of Sprunk clothing that will quench your thirst for name-brand gear.

  • SEsports Extrasin to receive the High Flying Parachute, Sprunk Parachute, and Mint Tuxedo Jacket.
  • Complete any Biker Sales Mission to receive Sprunk’s Plain Jacket.
  • SEsports Extrasup as a member or guard to get the Sprunk cap.

Triple GTA$ & RP on Lamar’s Contact Missions

Lamar Davis is a true gangster among the Los Santos gangs. Help this living legend: contact him through your iFruit (or the Created by Rockstar section of the Activities menu) to complete Lamar’s contact missions and take the triple GTA$ & RP all week long.


Double GTA$ & RP in RC Bandito Races

Experience the mayhem of monster truck racing, but in miniature: all the rc bandito racing they grant the Double GTA$ & RP until April 26.

Premium Luxury Car Dealer


Simeon Yetarian’s Premium Luxury Car dealership is packed with coveted vehicles this week:

  • Karin Sultan Classic (sporty)
  • Vulcar Nebula Turbo (classic sports car, 30% off)
  • Progen T20 (super)
  • Dinka Blista Kanjo (compact)
  • Declasse Mamba (classic sports car)

Take any of them around the block, compare their features, or buy directly from Simeon to cut out the middlemen.

Luxury Car Dealership

If you’re passing by Record A Studios, head across the street to the Luxury Autos dealership for an up-close look at the Lampadati Tigon (super, 30% discount) and the Progen Emerus (super), compare their characteristics and buy one of them (or both) at the moment.


On display at The Diamond Casino & Resort: Übermacht Revolter

Spin the wheel of fortune in the lobby of The Diamond Casino & Resort: if fortune smiles on you, you will win a Übermacht Revolter (sports), which will be delivered to the garage of your choice.

Choke your rivals with the smoke from your vehicle and win any of the LS Car Club Series races for three days in a row to win the muscle car Dominator GTT as a reward. The LS Car Club test track is the perfect place to try out the latest settings, as well as the Pfister Neon (sporty, 30% discount), the Übermacht Cypher (sporty) and the Karin Previon (coupé) that are close.


Only on PlayStation®5 and Xbox Series X|S

Premium test car: Übermacht Sentinel XS (coupe)

HSW Time Trial: Vinewood East to Vespucci Beach


Triple GTA$ and RP in Community Series

Take a look at some of the most original and creative activities that members of the community have put together using GTA Online Creator, including a roller coaster based stunt race, a vehicle deathmatch for the weaponized Tampa and a mayhem soccer based capture mode. He wins triple rewards in the Community Series and check out the full list of new activities, which you’ll find below:


Steele Rollercoasterof Rick-420

A stunt race that simulates the thrill of a high-speed roller coaster the size of an entire city.

THE RED ROOMof sevenssecret


This circuit from the prolific game creator SevensSecret is a love letter to the color crimson. Defeat your rivals so they see red.

DRT Big Fish Channelof Dirtrash

Wind down the Vespucci Canals in this creative race around a high-speed circuit. Its creator, Dirtrash, even submerged blimps in the canals, their fins sticking out of the water’s surface like giant fish.


{Dog} Vehicle deathmatchof underdogwalker

Take shots or get behind the wheel in this intense deathmatch set on a custom soccer field.

gta footballof Chill_FX


For a more traditional soccer experience, protect the goal and score goals against your opponents at all costs in this custom capture mode. No referees, no fouls, no cards, no rules.

DM Mazeof karnanake

Watch out for corners as you navigate the maze in this fast-paced close-range deathmatch.


Black And Yellowof EggsAndJam

There are several viable strategies in this deathmatch: take advantage of the verticality of the map to find an elevated position, dive to flank enemies or use cover to attack them by surprise.



With your GTA+ membership, receive a wide variety of new bonuses, benefits and much more until May 10, including:

  • A free Karin Boor ATV
  • The Paleto Bay Meth Lab, with a free staff upgrade
  • Splatter finish for the baseball bat and knife, available from the weapon truck
  • New Free Chameleon Dark Blue Pearl & Prismatic Green Pearl Paints at Los Santos Customs
  • 50% more GTA$ & RP for completing Acid Lab Sell Missions
  • Plus, a GTA$500,000 bonus delivered after checkout and automatically deposited into your Maze Bank account and much more for just $5.99 per month. For all the details, visit the GTA+ website.


In addition to the discounts on weed farm locations and their improvements that we mentioned above, this week you have a 30% discount on luxury apartments to have a comfortable place to fall.

Complete this cool costume with a steamy getaway: both Green smoke as Green Space Horror Suit they cost half. In addition, this week there are also offers on the following vehicles:

  • Pfister Neon (sports): 30% discount
  • Lampadati Tigon (super): 30% off
  • Vulcar Nebula Turbo (classic sports): 30% discount

Locate the weapon truck this week to take advantage of discounts of 10% on weapons, 15% on thrown weapons and 20% on vests. GTA+ membership increases these deals considerably, as the Service Rifle will be available for purchase at a 50% discount. Below is this week’s rotating inventory:

baseball bat | Knife | Submachine gun | Machete | Railgun | heavy sniper rifle (30% discount) | service rifle (50% discount for GTA+ members) | automatic shotgun | Molotov cocktails | proximity mines | grenades