GTA Online: Vinewood Car Club

gta online: vinewood car club

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GTA Online: Vinewood Car Club

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Rockstar Games presents the Vinewood Car Cluban exclusive destination for members and the inaugural offering of the Vinewood Clubwhich is also Los Santos’ new premium service for GTA+ members that beautifully recycles the glamor and sophistication of Vinewood’s glory days into a brand the world can enjoy.

On June 13, the GTA+ members Those who play on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S will be able to access this exclusive association for the city’s high society. In addition to the chance to rub shoulders with the elite, the Vinewood Club plans to offer a number of special benefits to its growing clientele, which will continue to expand.

The first of these benefits that will be available on June 13 is a pass that offers full access to the Vinewood Car Club, a new location where you will have a curated selection of unique vehicles to test them, request them to where you are to use them in Freemode and buy them with a discount of 20% or more. You can also inspect the Vinewood Car Club GTA+ Gift Vehicle and claim it directly from that location.

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The interior of the Vinewood Car Club, located behind the doors of a modest industrial warehouse on Elysian Island, includes a garage created for enthusiasts of the motor world to show off their enviable vehicles. Whether you have the membership or not, you’ll be able to admire the roped-off podium, meticulously lit to optimally showcase the cars, while viewing a rundown of each car’s most compelling features.

Thanks to GTA+ membership, you’re free to use the Vinewood Car Club’s rotating selection of vehicles as and when you want in Freemode, either by visiting the club and driving one, or by using the “Interaction” menu to request that have your chosen vehicle delivered to your current location.

GTA+ membership will also allow you to purchase each of these cars at an exclusive discount, as well as get the free Vinewood Club gift vehicle every month.

The Vinewood Car Club opens on June 13 with a preview of what’s to come as its facilities and privileges continue to expand to offer GTA+ members new opportunities to meet up and exclusive access to additional perks.

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