GTA Online will receive major gameplay improvements in its next expansion

gta online will receive major gameplay improvements in its next

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GTA Online will receive major gameplay improvements in its next expansion

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The next expansion of gta online (which will launch on June 13) will not only bring the missions of San Andreas Mercenaries, which will introduce us to a new paramilitary gang whose objective is to unseat the notorious Merryweather Security, but also a good selection of community requested enhancements of this successful multiplayer of Grand Theft Auto V.

One of the most notable novelties is that the versions of PS5 and Xbox Series X/S are going to release a ‘Progress in trajectory’ menu which is going to allow us to take a quick look at our achievements in gta online so that it is much easier to know what we have obtained and what we still have to achieve in the criminal adventure.

Other improvements that will be implemented in this new version of gta online they have to do with the vehicles, including facilities to claim them or find them in the garage, but also new mechanics in air vehicles of this expansion. You can see all the news related to vehicles continued:

  • You will be able to order all the wrecked vehicles at once when making a claim with Mors Mutual Insurance.
  • Mors Mutual will no longer charge to recover personal vehicles destroyed in contact missions.
  • Personalized garage description tags to help you locate your favorite vehicles quickly when calling the mechanic.
  • Ability to choose individual floors when requesting vehicles from the Eclipse Boulevard garage.
  • Pressing the right button on the D-pad will activate the stealth mode of the new F-160 Raiju aircraft. Vertical takeoff and landing will go to L3/LS. Pressing L3/LS while piloting a vertical takeoff aircraft will enter or exit vertical takeoff mode.
  • Option to re-request an active Mobile Ops Center, Avenger or Terrorbyte to be delivered closer to your location from the Interaction menu.
  • Additional filters for race types when searching for them in the activities menu.
  • You will be able to use the Willard Eudora and the Classique Broadway in Taxi Driver jobs by using Taxi Covers.
  • Infrequently used vehicles will be removed from in-game websites to streamline the browsing experience. These vehicles will be available at event dealers, Wheel of Fortune, and other locations.

Gameplay improvements, creator and balance adjustments

Other improvements of the expansion will have to do with the gameplayincluding a new way to sprint (by holding down instead of pressing repeatedly) or facilities when buying armor:

  • New option Register as boss in the Interaction menu, which combines SecuroServ and the biker club.
  • Buy All option when purchasing body armor from Ammu-Nation. The level requirements for body armor will also be removed.
  • Your body armor will replenish after using a quick reset in a mission so that you have the same level of body armor as when you first entered the room.
  • When equipping body armor on the weapon dial, the type of armor used will be based on the damage suffered by the player.
  • When parachuting or free falling, you will no longer receive calls from Tom Connors or English Dave.
  • Madrazo’s assassination missions no longer require multiplayer and can be done solo.
  • Alternative sprint control (hold to sprint) in the Settings menu.
  • You will be able to choose a name for your acid product (via the Interaction menu) and receive a 5% bonus on sales.
  • Daily objective level requirements will be removed to allow more players to participate.

He creator of gta online It will also receive new features and changes so that the community can continue to unleash their creativity, now with fewer limitations. there will be new accessories, possibility of using climates like snow and more items can be placed (although this limit has only been extended in the PC version). You can see the improvements of the creator below:

  • Dozens of new props across all Creators, including giant license plate walls, eCola cans, destructible fences, underwater mines, and more.
  • Snow weather options in Deathmatches, Races and Survival matches. In addition, Halloween-themed news throughout the year.
  • Option to activate and deactivate the soundtrack.
  • Option to assEsports Extrasoutfits to the teams to differentiate them.
  • Deathmatches now have dynamic team options (players will be able to switch teams when they respawn) and health drop (players will lose health over time). Plus new radar icon options, ability to set time of day and room weather, options to choose weapon and item respawn times, and much more.
  • The number of enemy spawn points in survival matches has been increased.
  • Items will be able to be removed in the King of the Hill creator.
  • The accessory limit on PC will increase to 300.
Improvements in GTA Online.

Finally, the next big update of gta online also receive the following balance adjustments:

  • The rewards of many collectibles and events, such as buried caches and treasure chests, will be increased. We are also fixing the last play rewards for Gerald and Super Yacht to increase them by 25%.
  • Rebalanced the rate of fire, blast radius, and damage dealt of the P-996 Lazer and Mammoth Hydra weapons (Freemode only).
  • The Orbital Hound can no longer be instantly reset or refunded to prevent players from being repeatedly attacked.

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