GTA VI may have confirmed a very important feature of its open world

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gta vi may have confirmed a very important feature of

A new GTA VI leak may have revealed an open world feature developed by Rockstar, greatly improving what was seen in GTA V.

GTA VI may have confirmed a very important feature of its open world

One of the most anticipated games of the moment is GTA VI, although it seems that we are still far from seeing it become a reality. It will be launched during the next fiscal year, so the window is very wide, since it includes between April 1, 2024 and March 31, 2025. Therefore, we must rely on the leaks that are emerging around the new proposal developed by Rockstar, as a great playable mechanic that could be introduced on this occasion. Now, in the same way, An important feature may have been confirmed for its open world.

Some of the biggest leaks regarding GTA VI have been gathered through the Reddit forums, including several features that have been revealed in recent years. In this extensive document there is a section dedicated to “accessible buildings”, where all the places that players can access in the proposal developed by Rockstar are brought together. According to this compilation, hopened a total of 157 interior spaces that could be visited in the city of Vice Cityalthough the number could be significantly expanded with the final result of the proposal.

Taking into account how little has been leaked so far about GTA VI, everything indicates that This number of accessible places will be much greater, so it should far exceed what was seen in GTA V, which just celebrated its tenth anniversary. For now, we just have to wait for official news from GTA VI.

The first GTA VI trailer could be released this year

Beyond all the leaks and supposed details that are appearing online about GTA VI in recent months, there is also information that points to the first revelation with official material of the proposal. In this way, one of the main insiders of the Rockstar environment affirms that At the end of this year the first GTA VI trailer should be revealedalthough it should first be anticipated through a special event in GTA Online.

Thus, It will be necessary to be very attentive to any type of information concerning GTA VIto find out what the result of Rockstar’s next work is.

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