GTA VI may have hidden a small clue in GTA Online

gta vi may have hidden a small clue in gta

Tom Henry

GTA VI may have hidden a small clue in GTA Online

GTA Online players continue to study every little detail looking for references to GTA VI and one of the new messages may point to it.

GTA VI may have hidden a small clue in GTA Online

GTA VI is one of the most anticipated games of this generation, even though we haven’t even seen its first trailer till the date. It aims to be such an important game that Rockstar already expects to make a lot of money from its release, even though it is not expected to arrive until well into 2024 or even 2025. With all of this, players are trying to find any minimum track that points to the sixth installment and have returned to resort to GTA Online to study a message that may have a reference.

By means of the new update for GTA Online, players believe they have discovered a message that could indicate that something related to GTA VI is coming soon. The confusion has come through one of the new cosmetic items framed in a category with no specific nameindicated with “???” on the menu. By accessing this category, players have found a t-shirt with a cryptic message using numbers and symbols. Of course, they have already managed to crack it and the result is the following sentence: “one day we will reveal it all”. Something that they have not been slow to relate to GTA VI.

Surely a great mystery that is driving all GTA Online players upside down, although it already suggests that the most plausible explanation would be far from having any relationship with GTA VI.

The most plausible explanation centers on new alien content.

Although fans are getting very excited about the possibility that Rockstar Games is anticipating something related to GTA VI, the most logical explanation is that GTA Online is preparing new content related to aliens. The company has been flirting for some time with the possibility of including new details about a alien invasion in the online mode, so it seems the most plausible explanation for this movement with the cryptic message on the shirt.

In addition, it has already been confirmed that during this year there will be a big GTA Online update hinting at Halloween, which would make perfect sense with what is being said about this new content related to aliens. For now, all that remains is to wait for this mystery to be resolved to find out what it refers to specifically.

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