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Guardians pay their last respects to Lance Reddick in Destiny 2 – Unique thanks for years of passion and loyalty

It’s a sad occasion that’s uniting the Destiny 2 community right now. Lance Reddick, John Wick star and voice of Commander Zavala passed away last week. This deeply touched the hearts of the Guardians. He was more to her than just a dubbing voice. He was also a Guardian whose years of passion and loyalty to this game is unparalleled.

The greatest honor in Destiny 2 for a true Guardian: After last week’s news of the death of Lance Reddick, the English-language dubbing voice of Commander Zavala in Destiny 2, many players were deeply shocked.


Destiny 2: Zavala Voice Actor Passes A Legend Gone Too Soon

The well-known actor had guided her through all the disasters in Destiny 2 since 2014 with his deep and soothing voice.

Online players shared their grief: Although only 16 players can be on the tower together, the busyness around bounties has calmed down these days. Instead, the Guardians gather at the Vanguard Commander to honor Lance Reddick and the character he played.


Many players shared the videos and pictures of their personal farewell. It’s especially blatant when the saddest music from Destiny 2 “Lullaby” from the DLC “Beyond the Light” is added, as can be heard in this TikTok video:

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This is how helghan_soul expressed his sympathy on TikTok

The German MeinMMO Destiny community is also mourning: In the comments on MeinMMO and Facebook, German guardians also expressed their dismay at the death of Lance Reddick.

  • Maledicus writes on MeinMMO: “This is painful news, would have wished him and us many more years with new films and series in which he played and especially as a guardian.”
  • Michelle Kost posted on Facebook: “May the light of the traveler be with him always.”
  • Canelloni commented, “Usually after a while after a new season I play with no ingame sound and listen to music – but now I feel the need to turn the sound back on and talk to the tower with Zavala…”
KyBer also held a vigil with other guardians and shares it via Twitter

Lance Reddick has won the hearts of the Guardians: As Commander Zavala and thus supreme commander of the Last City, he had lent his voice to one of the key figures. Not just because it was a job. He really loved Destiny and for years was a person who liked to joke with the players and grant them wishes.

Probably the best anecdote about how Lance Reddick felt about the community is a dialogue that was a bit too short.

  • Bungie had scripted in Season 13, the “Season of the Chosen”, that Lance Reddick as Commander Zavala should simply say “no” when asked to bow. However, many Guardians found that too little for a proud commander of the vanguard.

The Guardians wrote their own version, in which Zavala really went all out and made it clear to the Empress who is in charge of Earth.

In the end, it was Lance Reddick who then made the fans happy and read out the new answer that Zavala was supposed to have given. The clip was shared thousands of times at the time, making the loss all the more difficult.

Reddick Widow appreciates the Keepers’ condolences

One of us: Lance Reddick has appeared in many hit games like Horizon Zero Dawn and God of War and his voice has always helped make these games classics. But Destiny was always special to him because he loved Destiny.


It is all the more dignified that the community is now giving him an incomparable honor. His widow Stephanie Reddick appreciates this very much and addressed the guardians personally via Twitter with touching words:

To the thousands of Destiny players who have played in honor of Lance. Lance loved you guys as much as he loved the game.

left the widow of the late Lance Reddicks the players know via Twitter

There are very special moments in Destiny 2 that are just passing. Lance Reddick was not only a talented actor, but also an incredibly nice person. His ability to bring Commander Zavala to life in Destiny 1 and 2 has taken the gaming experience to a new level for many Guardians.


His work has caught the attention of many, and that makes saying goodbye all the harder for many Destiny 2 players.

Per Audacia Ad Astra, Lance.