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With the Path of Fire expansion, Guild Wars 2 got the mounts. These are different creatures with unique abilities. We introduce them to you and tell you how you can get the mounts.

What is special about mounts in Guild Wars 2?

The mounts in Guild Wars 2 all have different skills. While the raptor can jump particularly far, the jumper jumps particularly high. The griffin glides in the air, the ray hovers over the water. So every single mount has a specialty that makes it more useful in certain areas than others.

What mounts are there?

Guild Wars 2 features eight different mounts in 2022:
– Raptors
– jumper
– Skimmer
– Jackal
– griffin
– roller beetle
– Warclaw
– Skyscale

The Siege Turtle for two players will be added in February with End of Dragons.

How do I get mounts?

That is very different. Some are obtained automatically via the story, others via tasks in the hearts. On the other hand, Griffin, Roller Beetle, Warclaw, and Skyscale have different collections to complete.

How expensive are the mounts?

That is different. While the Raptor is completely free to unlock, the Griffin costs 250 gold. None of the mounts cost real money, but there are special skins that are only available in the shop.

Which mount is the hardest to get?

While the griffin mainly costs a lot of gold, you have to do many different tasks for the skyscale, which also have time hurdles. Both mounts are correspondingly complex.

notice: This article was originally published in March 2020 and was last updated on March 8, 2022.


What can the raptor do? The Raptor is the second fastest mount on the ground and can jump extremely far thanks to its special ability. Depending on the nature of the ground, the raptor can even be faster than the jackal and is therefore used most frequently by the players.

Through masteries, you’ll improve his Rapturous Strike attack, pull enemies in with it, and learn to jump even further.

Guild Wars 2 Raptor Guide

How do I get the Raptor? The Raptor is obtained automatically by completing Path of Fire’s first story mission entitled “Ignite the Flame”.


What can the knight do? A cross between a rabbit and a kangaroo, the Leaper is particularly useful in areas with high mountains. He can jump extremely high. The longer you charge the skill, the higher it will bounce.

Through masteries, you’ll improve his Cannonball skill, take less fall damage, and learn to jump even higher.

GW2 Springer Guide

How do I get the knight? You get the knight in the desert highlands, the second area of ​​Path of Fire. There you have to complete the heart “Help out around the high jump farm” and buy the knight there from the merchant for 50 trade contracts and 3 gold.

However, you need the Raptor at mastery level 3 as a prerequisite, since a large gorge separates you from the heart task.

GW2 Springer Guide Map
Here you can find the Leaper in the Desert Highlands

Skimmer / Skimmer

Update 2021: In the meantime, the skimmer can even dive underwater. For this you need to complete a special quest called Finding Sibaha. Here we explain what you have to do.

What can the skimmer do? The skimmer can easily hover over water, quicksand, and other deadly surfaces. It is therefore also well suited for the wasteland and the sulphurous areas.

Mastery improves your Barrel Roll skill, allows you to hover longer, and gain protection and swiftness when dismounting from one of your mounts.

How do I get the skimmer? The skimmer can be found in the Elon Riverlands, the third area of ​​Path of Fire. There you have to complete the heart “Use a skimmer to help with training on the farm”. After that, you can buy the mount for 50 trade contracts and 4 gold.

As a prerequisite, you need the Raptor at mastery level 3, so that you can jump over the quicksand to the heart.

Here you can find the skimmer in the Elon Riverlands

Jackal / Jackel

What can the jackal do? The jackal is the fastest mount on the ground. His special skill lets him teleport a short distance. You can also use so-called sand portals with the Jackal, which can be found everywhere on the Path of Fire maps and are usually associated with shortcuts or special achievements.

Masteries teach you to dodge attacks while using the Pounce skill, gaining a barrier in the process. You can also use it to unlock the sand portals.

Guild Wars 2 Path of Fire 09

How do I get the Jackal? You get the Jackal on the fourth map of Path of Fire, the Wasteland. There you have to complete the Heartlet “Help Ghost Storm Drojkor take control of the Jackals”. After that, you can buy the mount from the merchant for 200 trade contracts and 20 gold.

As a prerequisite, however, you need the raptor at mastery level 3, as well as the ray also at mastery level 3.

Here you can find the jackal in the wasteland

On the second page of the Mount Guide, you’ll find the four new and rarer mounts introduced in Guild Wars 2.

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