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Guild Wars 2 brings first new content in 12 months – relies on huge group event, but the scope disappoints

Guild Wars 2 released the new expansion End of Dragons in February 2022. After that, the focus was on reviving old content. But that has now come to an end. With “In Deepest Depths” the . gets a new area, new story content and numerous new rewards.

What is this patch? Deepest Depths is the first major update to match Guild Wars 2’s new release cadence. It continues the story of End of Dragons and is free for every expansion owner. In terms of content, it brings:

  • The new Gyala Depression area
  • New story revolving around a dark menace discovered while mining in the Jade Quarry
  • The new meta-event “The Jade Kriese”
  • Lots of achievements for you to complete
  • A new Luxon weapon set that you can fully earn
  • Other rewards including a holographic cloak and a Grinning Tahkayun Mask
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However, the update does not include instanced content such as a fractal or an attack mission, which is a shame. After the last announcement, it sounded like instances were a bigger factor again and appearing more often.

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When is the patch coming out? It has already been published. You can watch the trailer here:

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Guild Wars 2: Deeper Downs Trailer


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Mysterious diseases and references to Guild Wars 1

What can I expect in the update? The new story sends you to the Gyala Depression area, which is roughly where the Gyala Hatchery with the Siege Turtles was in the previous one. One big difference, however, is that quarrying jade became a lucrative business there.

But a mysterious disease is spreading through these quarries. Apparently, a mysterious threat was unleashed during the works. Some workers have disappeared completely.

The setting of the area is exciting. Everything looks harmless at first, but later you explore dark depths. You will also encounter special creatures from the predecessor Guild Wars 1. You earn the card piece by piece in a meta-event, similar to the resistance of the dragon in Heart of Thorns. But you also need some players for that.


As usual, the story will keep you busy for about 90 minutes and will now be listed in the story journal directly under “End of Dragons”. After that, you can spend hours completing achievements, participating in the big meta-event, and farming the new rewards.

The rewards include the holographic cloak, which also blows when you move, a throne that can be summoned anywhere as a chair, and a new weapon set, of which we have included an axe, great sword and bow for you as examples:

First new content since February 2022

What happened in the last 12 months? Guild Wars 2 regularly released new updates. However, the big focus was on the return of Living World Season 1. The content and story instances back then were designed to disappear completely from the game again after a few weeks because something completely different happened in the same place. So the game world was actually alive.


But this created a huge gap in the story, which was problematic for newcomers and returnees. In 2022, this gap was closed by several updates. New achievements and rewards have also been added to the old content. A highlight is the return to old Löwenstein.

In addition, regular events such as Halloween, Christmas or the Festival of the Four Winds were held again. The release on Steam finally took place in August, with new achievements for beginners.

All of these updates were important, but they didn’t bring any real new content for veterans. They had to be patient until today, February 28th.


What do you think of the new update? Are you satisfied or rather disappointed with the scope?