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Guild Wars 2 gives you mount skins for free, but you have to be quick

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The . Guild Wars 2 celebrates its 10th anniversary. To mark the occasion, it’s giving away mount skins that you can pick up until September 19th.

If you log into Guild Wars 2, you currently get a skin for your mount as a gift. However, these are only skins that appeared before the End of Dragons expansion.


Normally, you have to buy mount skins from the real money shop, so it’s worth picking up the free skin. Each player can choose a skin for their mount. If you haven’t made it by mid-September, the item will automatically expire.

You can see information about the End of Dragons expansion in the video:

Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons Launches Next Week – Video Recaps Story Since Release

First, a tweet from the . caused confusion. The free skins were announced and a video showed some that weren’t free at all. After some player requests, the Guild Wars 2 Twitter account corrected the issue and deleted the first tweet.


The free item is the “pre-EoD Mount Select License”, EoD stands for End of Dragons. Guild Wars 2 apologizes for the previous confusion.

Guild Wars 2 is now on Steam

With its 10th birthday, the . finally appeared on Steam, which fans have been waiting for for years. You can now download and play it there. Alternatively, Guild Wars 2 can of course still be started via your own client.

The developers are hoping for new players. They’ll also give you a popular endgame mount for free when you hit level 10. Previously, you had to be level 80 to do this.


The Guild Wars 2 base game is free. But if you are enthusiastic about the ., you can purchase the “Complete Edition”. This edition costs €100 and includes all previous extensions.

Have you decided on a free mount skin yet? Which of your mounts will you give a new look with this? Do you prefer playing Guild Wars 2 on Steam or still on the client? Write it to us in the comments here on MeinMMO!

For the 10th anniversary of Guild Wars 2, the developers tell us that the . should never exist