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Guild Wars 2: How to farm gold quickly in 2023

No matter if you are a beginner or a veteran, gold is always needed as a player in Guild Wars 2. So that you don’t run out of currency, we’ve picked out the best ways to farm gold in 2023.

Farming gold in Guild Wars 2: Gold is the central currency in Guild Wars 2. You need it for the legendary weapons, for the corresponding professions, for new equipment or content from the Gem Store. With our following tips you can easily increase your wealth.


For each method, we write what you need in terms of expansions or episodes of the living world:

  • If the basic game is sufficient, there is a (Core) after the method
  • In the Heart of Thorns expansion, there is a (HoT) after the method
  • In the Path of Fire expansion, there is a (PoF) after the method
  • In the End of Dragons expansion, there is an (EoD) after the method
  • For Living World episodes we put a season and episode abbreviation for example Living World Season 3 Episode 5 (LW3E5)
  • Importantly, Living World Season 3 automatically requires HoT and Living World Seasons 4 and 5 always requires PoF

The first page contains only the “core” content. Extensions are then required on page 2.

The guide was updated on February 27, 2023 and adapted to current methods.

Daily Tasks and Login Rewards (Core)

Collecting gold begins as soon as you log into the game. Every day you passively unlock a login reward. But there is also a lot of money in the other daily tasks.


Login Rewards: There are a total of 28 login rewards that you can unlock automatically. After that, the reward path repeats itself. At the end there is a loyalty chest from which you can win 20 laurels, among other things.

These laurels are most effectively exchanged for crafting bags. Currently, you get the most currency for a Light Crafting Bag at just under 56 Silver. You can track the current value of the items on GW2Efficiency.

So you already get 11 gold for the last chest. But even before that, many rewards await you. Among other things, you will receive another 35 laurels distributed over the other days. Also included are 20 Mystic Coins, each worth 1.2 gold. In one run of 28 days you make about 60 gold through the rewards.

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Yield: This is how you passively earn about 2.2 gold per day.

Login rewards GW2

Daily Achievements: You can actively earn a little gold per day via daily achievements. All you have to do is complete three of the changing twelve tasks, which are broken down into four PvE, four PvP and four WvW achievements.

The PvE achievements are usually easy. So you usually only have to watch a panorama/vista in a certain region of the game and collect materials in another region. The third task then usually wants you to complete events in another region.


Yield: Completing three daily achievements grants you 2 gold.

Daily Tasks GW2

Daily sunken treasure hunter: In 2018, ArenaNet added a new underwater combat category. For the hunter of sunken treasures you only need to kill 10 krait per day. These are for example in the Kessex Hills, in the north-east of the Caledon Forest or in the water in the Maelstrom Peak.

For defeating the krait you get a key for a chest. There are ten different chests in total, but this is only relevant for the associated success. You can theoretically open the same chest every day. Opening it gives you two to four Swim Speed ​​infusions.

Yield: You can sell the swimming speed infusions for almost 21 silver each.


Simple chests can be found in Gendarran Fields or Kessex Hills, for example:

Daily craft: If you already have a profession at level 500, you can also use daily crafting to earn additional gold. There you can craft the Ascended crafting materials once per day.

These include Deldrimor Steel Ingots, Ghostwood Planks, Damascus Bolts, and Elonian Leather Patches. Not every one of these items immediately brings a profit if you resell it afterwards, as you pay 15% trading post fee. How much profit you actually make depends on the situation.

Of course you need materials for the production that you have to collect beforehand. However, since the above items can only be crafted once per day, this counts as a separate method for us.


Yield: Currently (February 2023) the method is not as lucrative as it used to be. With Deldrimor Steel Ingots you currently make 75 silver profit, with the Elonian Leather Patch 70 silver. With ghost wood planks you even make a loss due to the trading post fee.

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Craft GW2

fractals (core)

The fractals count towards the end content of Guild Wars 2 at the highest levels and allow you to farm a lot of gold per day. There are two lucrative variants: daily achievements and completing the challenge modes.

Daily Achievements: You will receive additional rewards for completing certain fractals that change daily. This is how you get Fractal Ciphers and Agony Infusions. The Ciphers are chests that you can open yourself or sell for 21 Silver each. Opinions differ here as to what is more effective.


For all daily achievements you get between 24 and 32 of these ciphers, so up to 6.5 gold when sold. You’ll also get lots of other rewards, the chance for Mystic Coins, and of course the loot from the fractals themselves.

Yield: In total, you can earn at least 25 gold per day with the method. The duration of the method depends heavily on the players, as does the “revenue per hour”.

Thaumanova fractal GW2

The completion of the challenge modes: The level 98, 99 and 100 fractals give you additional rewards if you complete them in challenge mode. Among other things, 1-3 mystical coins and additional fractal relics beckon there, which in turn can be converted into gold.

Yield: The battles in challenge mode are relatively demanding. Duration and profit of the method depend heavily on the players. One usually speaks of around 15-25 gold per hour.


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Silverwastes – RIBA (Core)

The Silverwastes came into play in 2014 and has been the place where the most gold is farmed ever since. There are several reasons for this:

  • The map has a very high event density
  • The meta event gives good final rewards
  • There are buried chests in between as an additional reward
  • The map contains a buff to magic find
  • The events are not time-bound

In the meantime, the “RIBA” method in particular has become established.

Silverwastes loading screen gw2

What is RIBA? RIBA stands for Red, Indigo, Blue, and Amber, the four strongholds of the map. Instead of splitting up between the strongholds to get to the end of the meta-event as quickly as possible, here you work as a Zerg.

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This is how you conquer, defend and repair all fortresses together again and again. This is how you experience all events and get a corresponding number of rewards. The chests will also be opened.

Once you complete the Strongholds phase, the meta-event will end. Then you kill all the champions on the map together and open the chest hidden under the desert.

If you join a task force as a beginner and run with them, you really can’t do much wrong.

RIBA Silverwastes Gw2

Champion Bags: In order to increase the profit in the Silverwastes, you should open the obtained champion bags with a level 49-53 character. The items contained in it are also adjusted to the level.

The materials you get from recycling are the most valuable in this level range because they are needed often. Rarely, however, do players’ characters stay in the 49-53 range. Level 80 materials, on the other hand, are plentiful.

Yield: Depending on the run and luck, you can earn up to 20 gold and some bandit crests per hour.

Guild Wars 2 - Silverwastes

Tequatl (Core)

How do I get gold via Tequatl? The world boss Tequatl appears several times a day and is usually defeated in about 10 minutes. As a reward, there are several boxes containing karma and trophies worth 2 gold.

You also have the chance of specific skins and even an ascended greatsword, which can ultimately save you the production costs of this.


Yield: At least 2 gold and karma, which in turn can be converted into gold.

Exchange currencies (Core)

What currencies can I earn gold with? In Guild Wars 2, more and more currency accumulates over time. Many of them can be exchanged for gold, including:

  • Dungeon Tokens – Up to 10 silver per token
  • Ghost Shards – Up to 2.5 gold per shard when crafting the Triforged Pendant
  • Karma – Up to 12 Silver per 1,000 Karma
  • Badge of Honor – Up to 58 coppers per badge
  • Guild Commendation – Up to 30 Silver per Commendation
  • Black Lion Weapon Tickets – Up to 26 gold per ticket
  • Laurels – Up to 42 silver per laurel

The yields vary greatly, so we would like to recommend GW2Efficiency again here. There you can always see the current best methods and how much you can earn with them.