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Gundam Evolution will shut down its servers on November 29, one year after its debut

gundam evolution will shut down its servers on november 29,

Bandai Namco Online has announced that the free multiplayer shooter Gundam Evolution close its services on November 29. They were released on PC in September 2022, and on November 30 of last year it came to consoles -PlayStation and Xbox-.

“It is with great sadness that we announce the closure of Gundam Evolution“, said the producer. “We wanted to create a title that would bring together fans of first-person action and Gundam. We challenged ourselves to create an authentic Gundam shooter that could be played globally. Unfortunately we have concluded that it is not possible to offer a service that satisfies our players“.


still receive more updates with the sixth season starting on August 23, which adds a new unit and two maps, and then the final season starting on October 25 with another unit and one map. A direct titled Final Mission Briefing for tomorrow, July 21, in which this plan for the coming months will be detailed.

You still have time to try it

Gundam Evolution is an online first-person shooter game in which you can pilot the Mobile Suits from the popular anime Gundam to face other players in six vs. six battles. “With fast-paced action and immersive control, switch between Mobile Suits to explore unique features and win matches cooperating with your teammates,” says the editor.


Among the battle modes we find zone capture, domination and destruction. In the first, teams take turns occupying interactive control points, in the second, the two teams battle to control three randomly unlocked objectives, and in the third, teams must destroy or defend an objective depending on their assigned role: attacker or defender. Cooperation, containment of adversaries and sabotage are the keys to changing the course of these combats.