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Gungrave GORE: Bunji is now playable in all scenarios

Two months ago the Iggymob studio launched Gungrave GORE, the third installment of the shooting game starring Beyond the Grave (Brandon Heat). Now, Iggymob studio has released the 1.02 update. This allows players of Gungrave GORE can control a new character in all scenarios.

What is the character you add to Gungrave GORE update 1.02?

These are the details of the update 1.02 of Gungrave GORE.

With update 1.02 of Gungrave GOREBunji «The Wolf», one of the favorite characters of the franchise, is now selectable to control all the scenarios of Gungrave GORE. Additionally, Bunji does not arrive alone. Since with it new challenges or achievements will be added, to encourage the use of the character to the players.

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Additionally, Bunji will have his own development tree.

Despite having been launched Gungrave GOREJust two months ago, it’s nice to see that the studio behind the development of the game continues with the commitment to make Gungrave GORE, to the liking of the fans of the franchise. This new update of Gungrave GORE (1.02), also includes a number of stability updates and bug fixes to improve the user experience.

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Gungrave GORE is now available on PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox Series S|X and PC via Steam. We invite you to know our opinion by reading the review of Gungrave GOREIn the next link.

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