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Hacked Pokemon storm Crimson and fans are frustrated

Some Pokemon you get through Spell Swap are too good to be true.

Some Pokemon you get through Spell Swap are too good to be true.

Pokemon Crimson and Crimson aren’t spared either: If you use the spell exchange function, you unfortunately have to expect to get bots. They advertise dubious websites and give you really good, rare, dazzling Pokemon. They’re often too good to be true – they’re hacked Pokemon. You should better keep your hands off them. The situation is different with so-called clones or generated Pokemon.

Pokemon Crimson/Crimson: Bots and hacked Pokemon spoil the fun of Spell Swap

This is the spell exchange: Actually, with the help of the online function and a bit of luck, you can get cool new Pokemon and make other trainers happy at the same time. You choose one of your Pokemon to give away and get a different monster from someone else somewhere in the world.

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However, you often get particularly good or rare Pokemon from bots that advertise for some website and usually have their title in their name. Reports of such incidents are now piling up online Coaches are accordingly annoyed:


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This is why this is problematic: If you just get a cloned or generated Pokemon, it can spoil the fun of catching yourself, but it’s not that bad. However, if you get a hacked Pokemon, it becomes critical. They are considered illegal and can lead to you losing your entire Nintendo Account.

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How to recognize hacked Pokemon: If you are dealing with a bot, you can usually recognize it by the URL in the name. Then you have to be careful. The Pokemon is illegal if, for example, it has moves that this Pokemon shouldn’t be able to do or has impossible stats that don’t actually exist. They are usually Shinys, either level 1 or level 100 and often in special, sometimes even impossible, Poké Balls.

Two years ago, for example, previously unreleased Pokemon were distributed:


Crashes also followed in the past: For a while, those hacked Pokemon in Pokemon Sword and Shield could even cause the game to just completely crash. Spell swapping crashed games. However, there doesn’t seem to be any crashes in Crimson and Crimson.

Some fans are happy: If you don’t have any particular ambition to hunt Shinys yourself, you might just be happy about the cool Pokemon. They often also bring you Master Balls or other high-level items. As long as you only guess generated or cloned Pokemon and not hacked ones, you should also be on the safe side.


How do you feel about the bots giving away cloned or even hacked Pokemon? How do you deal with the monsters?