Halo Infinite dates its Season 2 with a trailer: these are all the news that are added to the multiplayer

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343 Industries had asked the community for patience, and this wait is already bearing its first fruits.

Although the launch of Halo Infinite generated a standing ovation from all the fans of the Master Chief, it has not been many months until we saw a mass exodus in their number of players. This phenomenon was the result of a noticeable lack of content, delays in important modes, and general community fatigue, but we finally have good reason to return to the battlefield.

Halo Infinite Season 2 will premiere on May 3And it is that 343 Industries has just announced the Season 2 of Halo Infinite, which will be named after Lone Wolves. As we can see in its introductory trailer, users will be able to experience a good handful of new features in the game from the next May 3so there is less than a month left for its multiplayer to fill up with players again.



In this preview, we can see some of the elements that 343 Industries has prepared for this season: new maps, modes, themed events for a limited time and an unprecedented Battle Pass that never expires. We will be waiting to know more details about everything that is coming with Season 2, although we already know that it will encourage players who expected news for Halo Infinite.

Therefore, we will have to test our patience until 343 Industries releases the next update to its multiplayer mode. In addition, the Master Chief has starred other surprises during the last days, such as a curious recipe book to cook like a true Spartan.

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