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Halo Infinite honors Microsoft’s legacy at the worst possible time


Halo Infinite honors Microsoft’s legacy at the worst possible time

What is happening in the offices of many of the companies associated with Microsoft is something that is not going unnoticed, nor should it be. With thousands of layoffs that have been affecting many of the pillars, we are facing a rather black week in the company. And it is in this context that Halo Infinite pays an unfortunate tribute to the history of the brand.

And it is that if there is only one recognizable face of Microsoft’s retro legacy, this is the nice one (and a bit unbearable, but I say it with love), clippie. The wizard in the form of, well, paper clip, was a constant in Word for many years, and we all remember it fondly. Now, this character will also be in Halo Infinite in the form of ultimate rewardalthough it is a bit inopportune.

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This is what Clippy looks like in Halo Infinite.

The new Halo Infinite multiplayer update, which arrived on December 18, the same day that the more than 10,000 layoffs that have occurred within the technological giant were announced, brings with it new cosmetic elements and to this old friend. This also coincides with a heavy blow to 343 Industries.

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A few hours ago, we told how members of the video game industry, such as Bungie or Respawn Entertainment workers, expressed their solidarity with the dismissed, especially Halo Infinite workers. Offering them jobs at their studios, quite vocal statements have been seen blaming the upper echelons for this debacle.

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Halo suffers a severe blow due to the departure of its third key figure in just 2 months

Be that as it may, Clippy is now part of Halo Infinite, even if it was released at the worst possible time. During this week, you can get this curious accessory as an ultimate reward. Don’t miss out on this limited-time opportunity, as next week it will be replaced by another!

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