Halo Infinite: How the Forge weapon editor works is leaked and it’s crazy

halo-infinite is not having the impact expected by Microsoft. After the immense delay of the title release, which had to be one of those that kicked off Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, expectations collapsed a bit, and it is that the first sample of the title was meat for memes in its day. However, 343 Industries continues to add content and work on that cooperative that is expected like water in May. In the meantime, A video of the Forge editor has been leaked, where we can edit weapons as we please. And it looks great:

Forge is a crazy editor, but it’s not ready yet

As you can see in the video, the combinations that can be made are tremendously crazy. We went from having, for example, a classic BR to a BR that throws explosives and can destroy everything in front of it. Of course, the option of sending the Master Chief into space taking advantage of the elements has also been one of the first things that have been tried, and more so after seeing the possibilities offered by the hook in the campaEsports Extras(remember those videos where players went through levels taking advantage of that mechanic?).

The mode Forge has been in closed testing for content creators and other specific members of the community. Initially its launch it is intended for season 3, which will not arrive until next November, from the cooperative that we have mentioned. The delays are not playing in favor of those responsible for the title, who constantly drag news, making it impossible for the natural growth of the game. In any case, the options that Forge offers are endless and it is certain that in a few months we will see absolutely crazy weapon designs that we would never have imagined. Do not miss our guide to halo-infinite to complete the game 100%.

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