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Halo Infinite kicks off Season 2 with Xbox Series S performance improvements, bug fixes, and more

The update seeks to regain the interest of the players with unpublished maps and new game modes.

Halo Infinite’s multiplayer has gone through a slight Bleeding with its number of players, but this has not discouraged the 343 Industries team. That is why a Season 2 is now available that, with the name of Lone Wolvespromises to recover the attention of users with two new maps, several new game modes and more details that guarantee exciting games.

Although 120 FPS on Xbox Series S was removed, 343 Industries has ended up reintroducing itThis last aspect is achieved by reintroducing the support of 120fps in Xbox Series S. Although this possibility was already present in the final version of the game, from Windows Central they remember that those responsible ended up eliminating it. However, this update demonstrates that 343 Industries has been working on performance of the game on said console and, therefore, they can already recover this option to increase the fluidity of the confrontations.


What else does Season 2 offer? Apart from everything announced so far by Xbox, 343 Industries is also taking advantage of the patch to fix some of the bugs most commented by the community. In this way, you will be able to notice adjustments in the animations, in the loading of the models and even in the campaEsports Extrasprogressionas well as an improvement in the general stability of all platforms.

But beware: the Halo Infinite news does not end here. At the moment, 343 Industries has already advanced us a roadmap for 2022 in which they promise long-awaited modes such as the cooperative campaign Hello Forging. Also, we can look forward to a great future for the latest installment of Master Chief, as the development team looks for new ways to evolve with the support of a veteran studio in the franchise.

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