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Halo Infinite: you can stop a missile with bullets and five other tricks, myths and follies tested and put to the test

With the new roadmap on the horizon and exciting developments in the offing, Halo Infinite has passed the threshold of being a mere fad and is poised for a promising future. Especially when it comes to its star mode: multiplayer. And if being precise and playing as a team is what determines each game, know a couple of extra tricks it can give us that impossible victory or, in the worst case scenario, leave your rival completely out of the game.

From the DefendTheHouse channel they have continued to explore the possibilities, the myths and the follies of the 343 Games shooter, reaching very interesting conclusions. Some of them can save our lives and others, on the other hand, open the door to fun experiences if we agree more or less with the enemy team. Including a wacky version of the hot potato style of Halo.

A series of experiments that serve to clarify not so frequently asked questions and that you can see just below. Do you want to jump to conclusions directly? No problem: right after we break down all the tricks for you to put into practice.

Six very curious experiments, of course, that leave us with five quite interesting conclusions:

You can be hit by your own missile, but you have to die first.

The premise is simple: if you fire a missile and get ahead of your trajectory, you will be pierced by it without taking any damage. So far, something to keep in mind, but there is a deadly exception: if we are eliminated and we reappear in front of our previously launched projectile, the resulting explosion will send us back to the starting square.

Using a wall as a barrier? If your weapon gets a sticky grenade, there is no save

Halo is synonymous with science fiction. And despite the fact that the scenarios are full of details that give them credibility, as a video game there are certain aspects that we assimilate as normal. One of them is that the barrel of our weapon protrudes through the walls.

It is usually possible to use a barrier wall to avoid more or less superficial damage. However, whether you attach an explosive to the tip or are already wearing it and the enemy partially passes through a door or hard surface with it, the outcome is the same: one less life.

You can stop a missile with bullets

Do you have a good aim and need a few extra fractions of a second? Normal bullets will not avoid or deflect missiles, but will slow down their speed. The bad news is that, given the result, it is more worthwhile to step aside.

You can hit your own plasma grenades, and what about the enemy ones?

The Defend the House channel already showed that you can use your Spartan’s normal hit to displace plasma grenades before they attach. That is very good in order to establish strategies and traps. What if it’s one thrown by an enemy? The answer is curious:

  • On the one hand, in multiplayer games the option is not given at all. And the same thing happens in most traditional modes. But not in all.
  • There is one confirmed exception: in offline modes where we can switch to team flight. You can throw the grenade, go to the other side, lose “ownership” of the explosive and hit it to move it.

In any case, and as with the example of the barriers, if we receive an adhesive explosive we will get scared.

Is there a limit to how many times something can be repelled?

With enough skill at intercepting missiles, the only limit is the number of repulsorlifts you have equipped and those near you.

As they have verified in Defend The House, it is possible that after several bounces a projectile will be lost from sight. However, the result leads to a fun game of hot potato between two or more teams. Even in triangle!

Six mysteries solved and answered, but there are still many to discover. Season 2 kicks off with the arrival of May and will run until November, practically coinciding with the first anniversary of the game. Among the novelties, two new maps, more modes and much more content.


For now, you already have six new tricks up your sleeve for your online games. Do you need any more? Not too long ago we rounded up another 13 Halo Infinite tips and tricks on Esports Extras. And we can’t help but recommend that you stop by the academy to pick up your achievement: Greased Lightning.

We leave you with the official trailer for Season 2 of Halo Infinity.

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