Has Plague Tale 3 already in development? It smells good !

Tom Henry

has plague tale 3 already in development? it smells good

After the wonder A Plague Tale 2 could we “soon” have the right to an episode 3? A recent announcement sows doubt and gives some clues.

In 2022 we could discover a real nugget (despite some flaws) namely A Plague Tale: Requiemcontinuation of the episode Innocence which made a big impression in 2019. With the success of these two games, can we already hope for the development of a third episode at Asobo, the studio already responsible for the no less excellent Microsoft Flight Simulator ? A clue sows doubt.

Has Plague Tale 3 on the way?

Asobo Studio revealed on LinkedIn, a famous platform for the professional environment, that he was hiring for a number of positions, suggesting that the French company is working on A Plague Tale 3 following the great success of the other two episodes. In fact, the series of recruitment announcements concerns both flight simulator than the series A Plague Tale. The team is notably looking for a Senior AI Programmer, a Senior Game Designer, a VFX specialist and a Senior Gameplay Animator. If you are interested, you can also apply directly via the list of professions in question.

Obviously the development of a third episode is for the moment a simple supposition and it may very well be a question of recruitment for another project or why not an extension. But what is certain is that something is brewing internally and that Asobo are looking for hands to take care of it. Those who have played A Plague Tale: Requiem know that despite the violent outcome, a sequel is always possible. Especially since it is always possible to follow the adventures of other protagonists who must also survive the arrival of the rats.

In Plague Tale, why is it good?

It must be admitted, this series of games is particularly touching. Both episodes offer an immersive and moving story. The storyline is well written and the characters are well developed, allowing players to become emotionally invested in their journey. And at the same time Asobo manages to create an oppressive and dark atmosphere thanks to its artistic direction and its soundtrack. We remember in particular the dilapidated medieval environment that we discover little by little as well as the constant threat of rats. A delight. Finally, the French team also manages to offer a fairly varied gameplay, which combines exploration, puzzle solving, infiltration and action sequences. A perfect combo to make A Plague Tale: Innocence and Requiem of the Nuggets.

In case of Episode 3, what would you like to see new in terms of gameplay or storyline?

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