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Have fun over the weekend with these 4 great games that I recommend: from RPGs to narrative adventures


Have fun over the weekend with these 4 great games that I recommend: from RPGs to narrative adventures

One more Friday, it’s time to say goodbye to the week and embrace the long-awaited weekend. It is time to rest, to relax and, above all, to enjoy our most beloved hobby: video games. As usual, I come to you bring 4 recommendations of different kinds, in case you are undecided and want to spend the weekend playing.

Persona 3 is still one of the best JRPGs

It may have been more than 15 years since its release, Persona 3 still stands as a great story in the Japanese RPG genre. Now, with its new version (which you can play on Game Pass), you have the perfect excuse to immerse yourself in this great adventure. Of course, it will take more than two days to finish her!

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Epistory – Typing Chronicles: the epic made origami

Epistory Image

If games with a different and beautiful graphic style attract your attention, the free video game that the Epic Games Store gives this week will seem incredible to you. Epistory – Typing Chronicles is a curious title that will ask you to mouse passes to play it entirely with the keyboard and thus enjoy its curious gameplay. Do you fancy something different?

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Playing Persona 3 on PC is a bombshell that should excite you as much or more than its fifth installment

Titanfall 2 still tastes fresh

Titanfall 2 Image Respawn Entertainment

If you allow me this personal assessment, Titanfall 2 is one of the best FPS of the last years. Both in their campaEsports Extrasand in their multiplayer section, Respawn proved to be geniuses with this installment, which today you can get for just 3 euros. A hilarious price for everything this great game has to offer.

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Final Fantasy XIV is a good well of weekend hours

Image Final Fantasy XIV Square Enix

I’m going to be honest, I just renewed my subscription to Final Fantasy XIV thanks to the arrival of patch 6.3. If you’re up to date, it’s a perfect time to come back. Otherwise,any time is good to get lost in Eorzea! Especially if you go with friends (but just as enjoyable without them), a weekend in this online RPG is definitely one well spent.

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