Have you killed an important Elden Ring character by accident? Follow these steps to revive a killed NPC

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Just because the Table of Lost Grace is a safe place where you can’t attack any NPCs, it doesn’t mean that throughout the Elden Ring Midlands you won’t run into other “non-playable characters” that you can’t attack. by accident and then they become hostile and you have to kill them…

Deep down, it’s still a Dark Souls, even though FromSoftware is more benevolent in certain aspects, such as when it comes to guiding you around the map. Therefore, we will explain how to redeem your sins by killing an NPC in Elden Ringas it is a different process from other Soulsborne by location and characters, go.

How to Get Total Absolution in Elden Ring

Elden Ring

Bearing in mind that we mean exclusively to “non-playable characters” that you have killed by accidentnot to those who die due to circumstances of the story or to the characters that you do kill in the invasions, there is only one way to redeem your sins and this comes from the church of the oaths, east of the Raya Lucaria academy, in the Liurnia region. It can be easily accessed by taking the route that Stormshroud Castle follows to the north.

Once inside the church you will see a huge tortoise with a skullcap typical of the bishops, who will not only inform you of multiple topics of the universe of Elden Ringbut he will also sell you spells and enchantments, apart from being able to expand his offer by giving him any scroll or prayer book.

But what interests us here has to do with the miracle. If you ask him about it, he will tell you that “any bond, no matter how weakened or broken, will be restored.” And he leaves you with a keyword: heavenly dew. Although it’s not actually the exact name of the item you’ll need to get absolution, it’s rather called moon tearalso known

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This object is an essential requirement so that you can redeem yourself before the statue in the background, but it will not be something you get right off the bat, but you will have to have advanced in history. Of course, ironically there is a lunar tear very close to there. If you go to the well of the river Ainsel located to the east of said church, going down the mountain, you will reach the underground area of ​​the Ainsel river, seeing how the merchant of the area will sell you a tear for 7,500 runes. So she buy it.

Without leaving the river itself, you have another tear in a lifeless body of the ruins of the palace of Uhl. For the rest, you will have to wait until more complex areas are enabled, such as the eternal cities of Nokron or Nokstella,

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These first two tears are enough for you and you have enough to go without so much fear in case the attack button goes away with an oversight before an NPC, although here prudence is your best weapon. That and fix the “enemy” to know if he is an ally or an enemy, worth the redundancy. It is one of the oldest tricks in the entire Dark Souls universe..

And what changes does an acquittal bring about? Aside from forgiving your sins, the fact revive the NPC you killed as if nothing had happened.


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