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Elden Ring

Having fun with Elden Ring? Here are 2 games from the same creators that you should definitely check out

Elden Ring has gained numerous fans and is a huge success. But what if you want more of it? As part of FYNG (Find Your Next Game), MeinMMO presents two games from the same developers: Sekiro and Bloodborne.

The success of Elden Ring is likely to bring many new players who have never laid their hands on a FromSoftware game before.

Those hooked now, and possibly even through with the Elden Ring, might be looking for more fodder.

We have the two ideal candidates that you should definitely check out if that applies to you. They are all representatives of the Soulslike genre.

What does Soulslike even mean? FromSoftware has founded a new genre with Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls: The Soulslike genre. This is based on the typical characteristics of these games. They are very challenging and complex. There is also a very unique way of conveying main and side stories.
The level desEsports Extrasis often nested, but offers a number of different areas and coherent, large game worlds. This creates a pull and an urge to explore that makes the games so popular. In addition to Demon’s Souls and the Dark Souls series, the new Elden Ring, Bloodborne and Sekiro also belong to these “Soulslikes”. The developer legend Hidetaka Miyazaki is in charge of all these games (with the exception of Dark Souls 2).
There are now a number of other games that are based on the so-called “Dark Souls formula”.

Here is a quick overview:

  • Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice was FromSoftware’s last game before Elden Ring. Of all the games, it stands out the most and also tells a much more straightforward story.
    • The setting is based on Japan in the Sengoku period, at the end of the 15th century, but with a good deal of fantasy influence.
  • Bloodborne was created in collaboration with Sony and is a PlayStation exclusive. It takes the typical Soulslike elements and incorporates them into a unique setting that mixes werewolf horror with HP Lovecraft.
    • You fight your way through a terribly beautiful and very bloody world that is reminiscent of 19th-century Victorian London.

Both games offer enough similarities to Elden Ring to appeal to its fans, but also enough elements to set it apart from the open-world behemoth.

We deliberately decided against it because Dark Souls has by far the greatest parallels to Elden Ring.

Therefore, one can make a recommendation here without much explanation: If you want more Elden Ring, Dark Souls 1-3 is very well served. Demon’s Souls is also a good choice. Especially when you’ve been able to buy a PS5 and play the remake, which graphically even outperforms the newer Elden Ring.

But since Elden Ring is basically a bigger, better Dark Souls with many more features, we’ve focused on the two games that still have enough unique elements to make them stand out more from the open-world game.

We start here with the arguably more similar title: Bloodborne.

Bloodborne is considered a challenging horror masterpiece – unfortunately only on PlayStation

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What kind of game is this?

  • Bloodborne is played from the third person perspective.
  • The gameplay is comparable to games like Dark Souls or Elden Ring, but the pace is faster.
  • The game rewards high risk-taking and requires aggressive action, you cannot hide behind heavy armor and shields.
  • For this you have heaps of so-called trick weapons available. These can be changed into two different forms, which means you have several weapons in one.
  • Typical of FromSoftware games, there is also an enigmatic story with wacky characters.

The big catch: Unfortunately, the game has only been released for PlayStation consoles so far. There have always been rumors about a PC port, but there are still no real indications of this. Unfortunately, PC and Xbox players have to pass here if you don’t have a PS4 or PS5 at home.

It’s all about this: You find yourself in the game as a hunter in a dream. This “dream” takes you to Yharnam, a huge city.

This has been overrun by beasts, death, blood and chaos reigns everywhere. Humans turn into monsters, monsters turn into humans, and so on. You have to find your way as a hunter in this world and survive.

You collect better and better equipment and become stronger. As you continue to battle your way forward, you will also learn more and more of the story that revolves around these strange events.

What is special about it is that aggressive gameplay is rewarded. If you take hits and hit back directly, you can regain some of the lost life points. As a result, risk is additionally rewarded.

Bloodborne’s horror setting sets it apart from other FromSoftware games. If you are a fan of HP Lovecraft, you should get your money’s worth just by the terribly beautiful and sometimes disgusting desEsports Extrasof the opponents.

How is Elden Ring actually received by players who have never played Dark Souls?

Differences and similarities to Elden Ring

These are the gameplay differences to Elden Ring:

  • Smaller, more compact game world.
  • Fewer weapons, but with a trick feature.
  • Overall, with around 40 hours, significantly shorter playing time for one round.
  • Setting much darker and bloodier.
  • More horror elements.
  • Multiplayer is available, but hardly any activity.
  • Aggressive gameplay thanks to “HP refund”
  • Faster gameplay thanks to shorter dodge animations
  • Chalice dungeons can be procedurally generated and offer extra content with good loot and lore.

These are the similarities to Elden Ring:

  • Level desEsports Extrascorresponds to the Legacy Dungeons from Elden Ring.
  • RPG mechanics, classes and leveling work almost the same.
  • The way the story is presented is very similar.
  • Multiplayer works on the same summon principle.
  • Gameplay feels similar, apart from the increased pace.
  • Similar structure for main story and side quests.
  • Puzzling, dark story with equally strange characters.
  • Depending on how you play, one run can last over 100 hours.

By the way: If you want to play Bloodborne now, you can get the game on PS5 for free via PS+ Essentials.

So if you liked Elden Ring for its intricate level design, RPG mechanics, dark story, and unique setting, Bloodborne serves you very well.

Bloodborne was very well received by critics and players

This is how it is rated: Bloodborne gets a very good 92 from critics on Metacritic. It is rated similarly well in the community and gets an 8.9 from the players. Even after the release of Elden Ring, Bloodborne has repeatedly been called FromSoftware’s best game by fans.

Our colleagues from GamePro awarded 88 out of 100 points in the test. Dimi Halley wrote in the test at the time:

For a playtester, Bloodborne is the final boss of games. You don’t have enough time and you have to use all your skills to get through the hell called Yharnam without help. But maybe that’s why it was such an intense experience. I felt like the pioneer who, torch in hand, was the first to roam the dark streets and unravel the mystery behind the Victorian town.

And thanks to the snappier combat, it was a sweaty experience even for a Souls veteran like me. After only two to three hours I no longer missed the missing shield, because the nimble dodge has its own charm – after every victory I feel like a gamepad pro. All in all, Bloodborne can easily keep up with the Souls games, but I’m very curious to see how the multiplayer will play in comparison.

The accompanying DLC, The Old Hunter, also got very good reviews. This was able to skim off a critic score of 87 on Metacritic, while the community awards an 8.8 this time.

If you want an even bigger challenge, or even bigger differences to Elden Ring, you should definitely check out the last FromSoftware game before Elden Ring: Sekiro.

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