HBO cancels Perry Mason after two seasons

hbo cancels perry mason after two seasons

Tom Henry

HBO cancels Perry Mason after two seasons

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Sad news to be sure, but it’s now clear that HBO is canceling with immediate effect the drama series Perry Mason, produced by none other than Robban Downey Junior and starring The American star Matthew Rhys. Apparently, the audience has been very low, which has led the streaming giant not to order more episodes.

Francesca OrsiHBO Drama Series Director:
“Every show has a job to do, given the price we put on it, and there’s a viewership component, and there’s a critical response element, and of course the nature of a show. It’s those elements that we always keep in mind. and we argue about whether or not a series will continue. That influences Perry Mason, Winning Time, for example, Gilded Age, so we have to play everything and see how they do.”

Will you miss Perry?

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