HBO on The Last of Us series: “There will be at least three seasons”

hbo on the last of us series: "there will be

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HBO on The Last of Us series: “There will be at least three seasons”

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All of us who have played both installments of Naughty Dog’s masterpiece and have also seen the first season of the HBO television adaptation know very well that the first season of the series dealt with the story of the first game, in its entirety. 20 hours of gameplay translated into about eight hours of television. For this reason, for the next second season we have assumed that it will tell the story with The Last Of Us 2 and that then this story will be over. But showrunner Craig Mazin (who was also behind Chernobyl) disagrees, and has now talked a bit about continuing the story. “Multiple seasons” and most likely more than three. A piece of news that has moved us in the writing of Gamereactor.

“We have presented to HBO our vision of how this series should develop not over one season, but over several. It could end up being three or five. But four seems like a good number. Some seasons, because of the story we are telling , they will need fewer episodes and others will need more.”

Are we to assume that the story of The Last of Us: Part II will be divided into at least two seasons? Or will they make seasons based on the script of the next The Last of Us: Part III?

Thanks, Hollywood Reporter.

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