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HBO’s The Last of Us receives negative criticism for considering its seventh chapter very “woke”

The last episode of The Last of Us from HBO, was the one that covered the plot arc presented in the DLC of the Left Behind game. The episode featured the characters Ellie and Riley played by actresses Bella Ramsay and Storm Reid. Named after the DLC, Left Behind tackled the plot that takes place before the events of the original game several weeks before Joel and Ellie met.

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The chapter in question has been receiving negative criticism and some Review Bombing for considering the inclusion of relationships between characters of the same sex. However, the reason for the criticism is not understood, if this also happens in the game, being a series very attached to the original material.

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As can be seen on Metacritic, the episode has 50 positive comments, 11 mixed and 47 negative. Comments such as that the episode was unnecessary for “showing lesbian relationships between girls.” Another mentions that “An hour with just 5 minutes of action.” Of these comments, some are noted to be from people who didn’t play or don’t know the game.

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In general, HBO’s The Last of Us is a series that has convinced the majority. Mainly because it is very attached to the game, with a few specific exceptions, it is an enjoyable post-apocalyptic drama. The eighth chapter will premiere this Sunday, March 5.