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HBO’s The Last of Us series and the original video game face to face in a complete comparative video

We are still recovering from the first trailer for The Last of Us series by HBO, which allowed us to take a look at numerous sequences of this adaptation based on the Naughty Dog masterpiece that recently returned to stores in the form of a remake for PS5.

But how far has the original title been respected and what is totally new? That same question is the one that the ElAnalistaDeBits channel wanted to answer with an extensive comparative video of the most complete in which he brings some of the scenes from this first trailer face to face with those that take place in the video game itself.

In this way we can verify that even the most insignificant details of the different characters have been respected with great fidelity, such as the clothes they wear during the different times, the fact that Joel has a broken watch and also the same injuries that they have suffered. been provoked. Likewise, exactly the same thing happens with the scenarios and it gives the impression that they have been extracted directly from the game itself.

Something that also attracts attention are the clickers, with that creepy appearance that characterizes them. And it even gives the impression that at some point in the series the events of the chapter Left Behind will be narrated, since you can see a fragment identical to one of the most iconic scenes of this DLC. That does not mean that there are going to be totally new scenes, that in fact in this comparison we can verify those same differences.

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We remember that The Last of Us series It will be divided into a total of ten chapters and for the moment its premiere is still scheduled for 2023 on a date to be determined.


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